Gift Idea: Expandable Photo Bracelets

I don’t own a lot of jewelry. It’s not that I don’t love it, I just tend to always have to spend my money on other things. On the rare occasion that I do buy myself something pretty, or ask for it as a gift from Clay, I tend to look for things that are unique or even personalized. I love Mother’s rings, name jewelry and photo jewelry like the expandable photo bracelet I received from Pictures On Gold.

I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary items as a US Family Guide Blogger. I’m really excited to share this personalized gift idea with you and all opinions are my own, formed through personal testing of my bracelet. If I don’t love something, I won’t tell you about it. πŸ™‚

Ok, so here’s a little story, first. Back in high school, my dad made spoon rings. You cut off the decorative and of the spoon handle (or fork) and bend it into a ring shape, smoothing out the rough edge. I had him make tons for me and wore one on every finger. Every. Single. Finger, except the one Clay put an engagement ring on. <3 Β . I also wore earrings, 2 – 3 necklaces and a bracelet or two. I LOVED wearing my jewelry. And even got compliments on it. They were pretty.

Fast forward to my child bearing years and I stopped wearing all jewelry except my wedding ring, always a necklace and occasionally earrings. I just couldn’t function well with a lot of jewelry on. I’ve started wearing bracelets and rings (not on every finger) again since the kids are bigger. I tend to wear leather bands a lot but I also love charm bracelets. So, when I learned that Pictures On Gold made these expandable photo bracelets with your faces engraved on them, I thought it would be a perfect gift to get myself for mine and Clay’s 19th wedding anniversary. I always make him take a “selfie” with me when we travel. It’s a keepsake for me to be able to look at those photos and say, “Hey, I remember when Clay and I went there”.

You can send one photo with the 2 faces together or you can send a couple of photos and they can match them together. Out of all of our “couple selfies” and even photos of Clay alone, he had sunglasses on his face except one. He never takes them off. And it wasn’t the best photo but it was the best I had at the time. So I submitted it and the bracelet turned out great! Our little faces are right there together on my charm bracelet and I couldn’t be happier. It looks just like the photo I submitted.

Pictures On Gold Expandable Photo Bracelet


The bracelets are made of pewter and plated with either silver or gold tone. The metal is made with recycled & biodegradable material. I wear only silver and white gold so I chose the silver tone. The expandable bracelet part is made very well. It feels very sturdy and is one size fits all. I have chunky wrists and it fits perfectly and is still nice and loose. It just slides right over your hand and onto your wrist.

TheΒ charm measures to 3/4 Inch x 3/4 Inch so you can really see the photo. It’s high res, nice and clear and has a protective coating to protect it from scratches, water, dirt, etc. I would have loved to had our wedding date engraved on the back but that option wasn’t available to me with my complimentary bracelet. They do engrave persona messages so I think I will see if I can send it in and have it done. That would make it absolutely perfect!

The bracelets arrive super fast too. They are made right here in the USA and typically ship within one day and they come with a lifetime guarantee as long as you have your certificate of authenticity. Another wonderful feature?Β A portion of proceeds are donated to children’s charities! So Pictures on Gold gives back!

The price? Currently priced at $44.95. That is a very reasonable price for a personalized photo bracelet. I think this would make a wonderful gift for new moms, newlyweds, Silver or Golden anniversary, Christmas and other Holidays, birthdays, etc.

Expandable Photo Bracelets from Pictures On Gold are the perfect Christmas Gift!

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