2016 Glasses New Year Photo Props

Each year we print out fun photo props for our New Year’s Eve party. They add a little something something to your photos. This year, our free printable 2016 Glasses New Year Photo Props are shaped liked champagne flutes!

I made a silver set and a gold set and both are included in the download below.


2016 Glasses New Year Photo Props

You can see the 2014 photo prop glasses we printed on card stock, in the photo below, as an example.  They were attached to a dowel. To mount them, you can use a small dowel or you can also use a craft stick or even to a straw. Anything you have on hand that will be sturdy will work as a handle.

If you’re looking for 2015 photo prop glasses to end the old year and ring in the new, you can find our 2015 photo prop glasses here.

2014 New Year Glasses

Click the download link below to print these fun and festive 2016 Glasses New Year Photo Props onto card stock and enjoy! Be sure to share your photos with me if you use them!

2016 Glasses New Year Photo Props


Background used in prop demo photo courtesy of : https://www.123newyear.com/wallpapers/happy-new-year/98.html

Leave us a comment if you use our 2016 photo props glasses! Better yet, send us a photo!

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