Create Gorgeous Cakes For The Holidays

I love making fun desserts each time we have a family/friend gathering. I love making things that fit with the current season too. You can create gorgeous cakes with baking pans available at Love Cooking Company. I received a complimentary set of baking pans from Love Cooking and they arrived just in time to make some fun treats for Thanksgiving and the upcoming Christmas holiday.

Love Cooking Cake Pans

I received the following pans:

  • PushPan
  • Mrs. Fields Cutie Cakes
  • Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip

For Thanksgiving I just had to use that Mrs. Fields Cutie Cakes pan. I wanted to make a spice cake covered in cream cheese icing and pecans. But when I saw that pan, I immediately thought of little bite sized spice cakes. I had a pumpkin spice cake mix so I baked that up as 48 mini cupcakes. Then I put my cream cheese icing in a piping bag, inserted it a little into each cupcake and filled them, finishing with a dollop on top. Then I placed one pecan half on top of each one. They were so festive and reminiscent of fall. And they tasted amazing! Everyone commented on how tiny and cute they were.

Love Cooking Cutie Cakes Pan

Love Cooking Cutie Cakes Pan

I sprayed my pan before filled with my cake batter but I really didn’t need to. It has a nice coating and I believe the cakes would have come out easily without the spray. One tip I have for you is to NOT let your cupcakes cool completely in the pan before removing. Remove them after just a minute and then let them finish cooling on a wire rack. The pop out easily this way.

The little cupcakes turned out perfectly and tasted so good!

Love Cooking Mrs Fields Cutie Cakes

Love Cooking Mrs Fields Cutie Cakes

For the Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip pan I decided I’ll do a chocolate cake filled with a chocolate pudding filling and mint chocolate icing. It will be RICH but so very good! You can fill your cake with candy, pudding, ganache, mousse, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Just bake your cake in each side of the pan, cool, fill one side with your filling and then flip the “lid” cake on top. Ice, decorate and enjoy! Super easy!

Love Cooking Fill-n-Flip Pan

The Push Pan is perfect for creating a round layered cake. Instead of having to bake, cool and pray it comes out you just push the bottom and pop the cake right out of the pan! There is a red, silicone seal that holds the bottom in place and keeps any batter from leaking out. It fits really snug too.

Love Cooking PushPan

Love Cooking PushPan

I haven’t used this pan, yet, but I think I am going to make my great-grandmother’s Jam Cake recipe in it this year. I’ve been using her 100 year old tube pan but it’s time to retire it and keep it as a keepsake. I’m going to try the Push Pan on a test run and see how it does. This pan is a little on the small side for this particular recipe so I’ll have to divide my batter and do 2 smaller cakes. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

I’ll share photos on Instagram of the other cakes just as soon as they are baked. So be sure to follow us on Instagram!


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If you used the Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip pan, what would you fill your cake with?

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