Enjoy Summer Grilling On A Flat Top Grill. Breakfast, Lunch & Supper!

Nearly all meat and most vegetables we eat in our home is grilled. Clay grills out year round, regardless of weather or temperature! We enjoy grilling. During the week we grill our supper meat and on the weekends we also grill breakfast and lunch! A flat top grill, like the one we use is perfect for every meal.

One of my favorite things is breakfast, for breakfast or supper. A flat top grill makes is super easy to grill bacon, sausage and even pancakes and eggs. With the large size of the griddle, we can do enough eggs, meat and pancakes for our big family. This is, especially, perfect when my in-laws spend the weekend. There’s nothing better than a big, hearty breakfast, especially when it’s cooked on one surface! No dirtying up a ton of pans.

Flat Top Grill 900 - Camp Chef

One brand that I really like, and became an affiliate for because so, is Camp Chef. They have several different styles of grill. For starters, meet the Flat Top Grill 900! 877 Square Inches of Grilling Perfection. Ideal for large family gatherings, business parties, church cookouts, catering events, tailgating or cooking at home.show?id=1uvcD4DFOmA&bids=680940

Camp Chef also has cookware to use on your new grill. Cast Iron skillets, cutting boards, etc make cooking out at home, or at the campground a breeze.

Enjoy as low as $40/month at 0% APR with Affirm. Learn more.show?id=1uvcD4DFOmA&bids=680940

Camp Chef

What are some of your favorite foods to grill? Do you own a flat top grill?

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