Gift Idea: The Sleep With Us Pillow

For about a year I went with little to no sleep. I’m not exaggerating. I would lay down at night, close my eyes and either lay there all night staring at the ceiling or fall asleep really quickly and then wake up every 45 minutes to an hour. There were times where I just lay there waiting for the alarm to go off. Then I was super tired all day and would drift off at my desk. I thought it was my busy mind, and part of it was, but most of it was that I just couldn’t get comfortable. I needed a new pillow. My old one was great when it was new but it had gotten to where it would go flat in the night and I had to fluff it. But it didn’t really help. I bought one at the store and it was flat from day one so I ended up putting them both in one pillow case. I was miserable! Lumpy, misshapen and not at all comfortable.

I recently received a complimentary Sleep With Us Pillow (discount code below!) to test out and and I love it! I truly do. I was so used to the pillows I’d been using that it did take me about 4 nights to get used to it. Once I did, I fell asleep quickly and slept throughout the night. I also noticed that my neck wasn’t hurting in the mornings anymore, which was also the result of my funky old pillow and lack of sleep.

The Sleep With Us Pillow

As soon as my head hits it, I can feel the Sleep With Us pillow molding around me. It is so soft and cushion-y, like a cloud. Within minutes I’m fast asleep. Adaptive Comfort™ inserts are molded into a soft memory foam base for correct and comfortable support as you move throughout the night. No matter which way I move or turn, this foam pillow seems to adapt. Clay and I spent the weekend in the Smoky Mountains to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary. I took my new pillow with me. Partly to keep testing it out and partly because I’d already fallen in love and couldn’t imagine going to bed without it! The bed in our cabin had a pillow topped mattress. Combined with my Sleep With Us Pillow, I thought I’d  stepped inside the Pearly Gates. I don’t usually sleep on vacation either. I’m always too wound up and the beds are usually hard as rocks. We lucked out with a great mattress and I sure did sleep this time! I had the most relaxing weekend I’ve ever had in my entire life! And I caught up on so much sleep!

Now, this pillow is heavy. Foam pillows tend to be. But despite the heaviness when carrying it, it is so unbelievably cushion-y and soft. It is also hypoallergenic which is a super bonus feature for this allergy sufferer!

What makes the Sleep With Us Pillow different from other foam pillows?

Most memory foam pillows come in two varieties: solid memory foam or shredded foam inside a bag. TheSleep With Us Pillow™ is the only pillow with high-resiliency inserts completely contained within a viscoelastic base. The Adaptive Comfort™ design and manufacturing process are patent-pending.

The Sleep With Us Pillow

This pillow also has a protective cover that is machine washable. It is really soft too. If you have to wash the pillow itself, you can. but for most people, the cover is all that needs to be washed. Plus, I keep mine inside a pillow case that matches my sheets too. I love that when I wash our sheets I can also wash that extra cover right along with them to refresh my pillow.

Sleep With Us Pillow Holiday Discount!

The folks at Sleep With Us have graciously given us a discount to share with everyone! It ends on New Years Eve so hurry to use it before it expires!

Use the code “25OFFSWU” at checkout (the code input comes near the end of the checkout process). 

Let me know when your pillow arrives. I’d love to hear how you sleep with it!

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