Gift Idea: CROSS Brand Pens

I have a little confession to make. I, Crystal, am an office supply junkie. I adore all things pen, pencil and paper. Clay could easily lose me in the office supply aisle for hours, maybe even days! An entire store would send me over the edge. It’s a weird obsession, I know, but I love to get my pen and paper fix!

I received a complimentary CROSS brand pen as a thank you for posting and it made my day! It was gel pen from the Star Wars collection and I think I totally geeked out. I may have even squealed a little when I opened it. I knew as soon as my son saw it he would want it to being the good mommy that I am … I hid it.

HA! I’m just joking! I gave it to my son and he really likes it.


So I was thinking that there must be others out there like me? Those who love the feel of a good pen in their hand, placed against a notebook scribbling away the day. And I thought to myself… “Self, what would make a fabulous gift idea for the pen and paper junkies of the world?”. Pens! That’s what. But not just any ole pens. No, no, no, no, no. Good pens. Ones that write beautifully. So I tried out the CROSS pen and I love it!

The weight is wonderful. The size is perfect and the flow of ink to paper is smooth.

And to make it even better? CROSS teamed up with Fonderie 47 to create the Peerless Fonderie 47 Limited-Edition Fountain Pen. Each Peerless Fonderie 47 Limited-Edition Fountain Pen purchased will fund the destruction of ten AK 47’s in war zone AfricaThis pen is gorgeous. I really wish I had one! It appears to be thicker and possibly heavier than the Star Wars collection pen we received. It would look so nice on my desk.

CROSS Pens Peerless Foundry47 CROSS Pens Peerless Foundry47

“In the spirit of the CROSS brand–an historic, American icon symbolizing human potential–we are dedicated to aligning with those who pursue their greatness through creative ingenuity. This partnership with Fonderie 47 and its founder Peter Thum, is an exemplary reflection of this aspect of the CROSS brand DNA. The Peerless Fonderie 47 Limited-Edition Fountain Pen is at once, an exquisite fine writing instrument for human expression as well as a vehicle for positive social impact and change,” said Magnus Jonsson, Global CMO, A.T. CROSS.”

CROSS has created only forty-seven of these limited edition pens. The series’ signature is a disk of blackened steel from a melted-down, AK47 which is embedded in the cap and marked with the Fonderie 47 logo. How cool is that? Additionally, the center band that encircles its 18 KT, gold-filled barrel bears the unique serial number of the gun taken out of circulation in Africa to create it. For purposes of authenticity, each fountain pen is also engraved with a CROSS limited-edition number, representing each pen’s unique number in the limited series of forty-seven pens.

And even better? In celebration of the timeless and iconic saga, CROSS has unveiled a new series of fine writing instruments and journals that capture the mythical and modern elements of the original Star Wars film trilogy. You can see our Star Wars collection pen in the photo above.

CROSS Pens Townsend Star Wars C3PO CROSS Pens Townsend Star Wars Stormtropper CROSS Pens Townsend Star Wars Stormtropper

“The Star Wars limited edition collection from the Townsend line is limited to 1977 units per character and features impeccable character details etched into the finish, enhancing its collectability and authenticity (MSRP, $450-$575).  The Click Star Wars Gel Ink Pen Collection symbolizes the dynamic spirit of each character and is the ideal pen for your everyday writing needs (MSRP, $45).  Last but not least, and designed to complement your Star Wars writing instrument, the Star Wars journal collection from the Jot Zone line is the perfect blank slate on which to journal your favorite Star Wars scene (MSRP, $40). Available this Fall, all are designed with CROSS timeless flair to suit the fancy of fans across the Star Wars universe. “

The series can be purchased online at and at select retailers. Access the online store locator for more details.


The story of the CROSS brand begins in 1846 when artisan Richard Cross, in partnership with his son Alonzo Townsend Cross revolutionized fine writing instruments. Their early mark of entrepreneurial excellence included tools refined through more than 100 patents and accented by the spoils of the California gold rush. Still positioned to set the bar for what it means to symbolize achievement, human potential and usable luxury, CROSS seeks to provide those possessing extraordinary vision and a strong entrepreneurial spirit with the tools needed to make their mark.

If you have a writer, journalist, blogger or even someone who works in an office, on your Holiday shopping list, I bet they’d love a CROSS brand pen!

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