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It’s no secret that Clay and I both like an adult beverage from time to time. He is a beer drinker and likes to try out the craft beer and new flavors and varieties in flights when we go to a brewery restaurant. He is notoriously picky when it comes to gifts. He never really shows much emotion even when he really loves something he gets so I never know what to get him for his Birthday, our Anniversary or Christmas. I usually just let him pick something out. But I got to thinking about what I could possibly surprise him with for our Anniversary this month. I scoured the internet for personalized gift ideas for men but nothing really struck my fancy. And then it hit me. A personalized mini flight set! Beer glasses. Duh, why didn’t I think of this before?

I also got him a personalized set of Jaeger Bomb Glasses. We don’t typically drink Jagerbomb’s but we do like light beer with blackberry moonshine. It is really good and is served like a Jagerbomb so these glasses are perfect!

I received a complimentary gift as a thank you for sharing Groovy Groomsmen Gifts with you all. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

These items are listed on our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

Hardy Wood Sampler Set

The tasting paddle for the beer sampler set measures 15 1/2″ and the 4 Mini- classic pilsners are 4 3/4 ounces each. The tasting paddle can be personalized with one line up to 10 characters. I had Clay’s personalized with “Martin”. The paddle is very sturdy and I love how it is stained and our last name is stamped on it. I did go over the name, in the photo,  with a slightly darker color so you could see it in the photo. It was fairly light and just didn’t show up in the picture, although it looks awesome in person.

The mini pilsner glasses are awesome. I love the shape and size. They hold just the right amount of beer (or other beverage) for a sampling of 4 flavors. They are a great weight, not too heavy and certainly not thin or flimsy feeling.

Jaeger Bomb Glasses

The Jaeger Bomb Glasses set comes with two lowball glasses that can be personalized with one initial and two shot glasses. I got the initial “M” for Martin. I like having the last name as the personalization. The lowball glasses hold up to 8 ounces while shots hold one ounce. To make a “bomb” drink, pour your beer (or other beverage like an energy drink – I don’t recommend that with alcohol but it’s a thing) into the lowball glass. Fill your shot glass with beverage of choice and drop it into your lowball glass. Then drink it up! We do beer in the lowball and blackberry moonshine in the shot glass. Or cola in the lowball and whiskey in the shot glass. In the photo above we actually did a pumpkin moonshine in the shot and a harvest flavored beer in the lowball. It was really good! Either way, it is a pretty cool way to serve up some tasty adult beverages!

If you don’t drink you can still enjoy this set! For example: fill the lowball with sweet tea and the shot glass with lemonade or pomegranate juice. YUM! Use the mini sampler set for different flavors of iced coffee, tea, punch or soda. You don’t have to be a drinker to enjoy a set of bar glasses.

Not only do these personalized glasses make for a fantastic anniversary gift or Christmas gift, they also make for great groomsmen gifts, hence the name of the site: Groovy Groomsmen Gifts. But I wanted to get them on your radar for the Holidays. If you’re like me and are looking for unique, personalized gifts you’ll find something there!

Personalized Gifts

I gave Clay his gift early so I could take pictures and share with you. Also because I was so excited to see his reaction that I couldn’t wait. And because I couldn’t wait to try out the glasses! I figured I get the same old head nod and thank you. But, he loved them! Yay me and Happy 19th Anniversary to my honey!

Prices current at the time of this post:

Hardy Wood Sampler Set: $39.99

Jaeger Bomb Glasses: $19.99

What other ways would you use the Hardy Wood Sampler Set or Jaeger Bomb Glasses?


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