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As a mom I seem to be in a constant state of worry. I worry about our son and I worry about our 3 daughters. I feel like I worry even more about the girls because I am the one responsible for being their role model. Sure, they look up to their dad, but as their mom, it’s my job to teach them everything they need to know to become successful young women who are proud of themselves and their accomplishments.

I worry that I’m not doing enough to build their self-esteem and confidence. I found something that is so simple, yet I can see how it has the power to be extremely effective in giving girls a daily reminder of how amazing they are. The Girl Power Campaign bracelets.

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of The Girl Power Campaign. 

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Created by a dad who need a way to connect with his tween daughter, the Girl Power Campaign has created a fun and powerful way for parents to help girls develop a healthy self-image and a successful mindset. They give parents tools to empower their girls. Using research they have created five simple steps that will change how girls see themselves, others, and their future using the following 5 principals:

  1. Be Myself
  2. Shine Bright
  3. Follow My Dream
  4. Make a Difference
  5. Change the World

The Girl Power Stretch-N-Reveal bracelets are small, yet powerful. They feature a surprise message from the 5 principals that lets girls have a reminder that they can be and do anything they choose. When you stretch the band you see the hidden message. They are so neat. I love that girls can carry a message of hope with them each and every day in a simple stretchy bracelet. When they are feeling down or need a reminder of their awesomeness, they can just look at that bracelet, give it a stretch and smile!

It’s not just bracelets though. There is a large variety of Girl Power products that both you and your daughters can wear. I love the hoodies and v-neck shirts. I would definitely wear one! There are also Girl Power Custom T-shirts, Bracelets, Capri Yoga Pants and Hoodies as well as backpacks that can be purchased.

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Girl Power Product Photo

Watch the following video to learn more about the Girl Power Campaign and how it can benefit you and your daughters.

As if the campaign itself wasn’t wonderful enough, a portion of the proceeds goes toward helping underprivileged girls be a part of the Girl Power Campaign. They believe every girl deserves an opportunity to be who they were created to be.


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If you are looking for a unique gift or stocking stuffer or if, like this dad, you need a way to connect with and empower your daughter check out Girl Power. I know my own girls would love this!

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