The Baby Sitter Cushion

I have a very unique item for inclusion into our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide called The Baby Sitter. While I don’t currently have little babies around the house, I still know a great idea when I see it! I wish I’d had this product when my kids still needed tummy time and were learning to sit alone.

What is the Baby Sitter Cushion?

Differing from an infant positioner which supports a baby’s back but restricts their overall movement, The Baby Sitter cushion is a firm doughnut-shaped cushion that promotes and facilitates the natural process of a baby’s gross motor development skills.

This sponsored item is featured on our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

The Baby Sitter Cushion

The Baby Sitter infant development cushion is 5-inches tall and 24-inches in diameter with a 12-inch cutout circle in the center. There are 3 round inserts that can be placed snugly into the center cutout. You can remove as many of the inserts as needed for your childs’ developmental stage. For instance, if you remove 2 of the inserts it can be used for babies who are beginning to sit on their own while still offering support.

The Baby Sitter Cushion

It is made from soy based, flame retardant foam wrapped in a soft flannel fabric. The fabric cover can be removed for cleaning and there are additional covers available for purchase.

The Baby Sitter Cushion

“The Baby Sitter has recently partnered with a foam manufacturing facility that utilizes soy as their base for manufacturing The Baby Sitter cushion. We’ve worked endlessly with this company to ensure our products would be safer and more environmentally friendly for children, parents, and the community at large. Our inserts are made from extra fabric and foam material from The Baby Sitter cushion. Helping to reduce waste by over 99%. This allows us to help limit materials piling up in landfills and creating a greener-friendlier earth for you and your family. It is our mission to provide quality products and services while also maintaining a sustainable and eco-friendly business practice.”

How did the Baby Sitter idea come about?

Diane Gowaty, a parent and child development expert, recognized that with the American Academy of Pediatrics safety recommendation for babies to be placed on their backs, her daughter was not getting the tummy time needed to develop neck, trunk and core muscles which could end up causing delays in gross motor skills like sitting up, crawling and walking. She felt her daughter was not properly supported or would simply roll off of other products she tried. So, she created, what was then, a square cushion with a cutout center to support her daughter and encourage her to push against the inside foam sides to help strengthen her leg and core muscles. Word got around and she found herself making the cushions for friends, pediatricians and physical therapists in the Pittsburgh area.

Several years later, Diane Gowaty’s, now grown, daughter came across the original prototype and improved upon the design. Through a joint partnership with Slickview Studios, Gowaty’s square-sitting cushion has evolved into the doughnut-shaped Baby Sitter with added features that extend the product’s usage and age range.

The Baby Sitter Uses

I love the concept of this design. Babies are supported on all sides while still having the freedom to kick and push against the sides to strengthen their little legs and core. I love that you can add/remove inserts as needed and the fact that the cover is removable and washable. My own kids liked to projectile vomit. A lot. So the cover coming off is a huge plus for this mama!

The Baby Sitter cushion is available for $60 (MSRP).

The complete Baby Sitter Gift Set includes the base cushion, three foam inserts, and a removable fabric cover for $86.99 (MSRP).

Additional removable and washable fabric covers are sold separately $25 (MSRP).

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The Baby Sitter is available for purchase online at It is available on Amazon and will be  coming to retailers soon!


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