10 Amazing Gifts For The Music Festival Lovers In Your Life

Music festival lovers will often travel far to visit their favored festival. The fervor and zest someone has for these festivals is admirable and wonderful. We look at some gifts you can give to the music festival lover in your life (including yourself)! These ideas range from utilitarian to fun little gifts, but all of them geared to the pleasure of the music festival lovers!

10 Amazing Gifts For The Music Festival Lovers In Your Life

10 Gifts For Music Festival Lovers

1. Earplugs

The loud and amplified music blaring at music festivals isn’t going to do anyone’s eardrums any favors. More so if the person spends several hours in the area, which a festival lover absolutely will! It’s not just the festival grounds, earplugs are going to come in handy for sleeping as well. You can bet the campground is going to be bustling and noisy and putting in earplugs can bring some semblance of peace and quiet. Eargasm Earplugs are the most popular and highly recommended option.

2. A Cooler

No one likes warm beer! And that is exactly why coolers are an amazing thing to carry along to music festivals. Of course, apart from beer, they can also hold water and food items. Keeping them fresh and cold. A soft-sided cooler like the Yeti Hopper is awesome if your friend prefers to take the cooler along and hard coolers are great for the campground.

Another fun option is one of those speaker-cooler combos. That sounds like the perfect companion for a music festival and one that can really be enjoyed. It’s great for a fun time at the campground and a great way to keep the party going! Surely music festival lovers will enjoy the combo and the fun it offers.

3. Anti-Theft Backpack

Being at a crowded festival makes it more important to guard important and expensive items. Your friend will appreciate getting the best rated anti-theft backpack as a gift. Anti-theft backpacks vary in functions, but all of them are designed in a way that prevents unauthorized access to the backpack.

Many quality backpacks also have other protective features like RFID blocking, anti-theft YKK zippers, and slashproofing. Of course, features and costs vary, so take your time in picking the best one suited for the gift recipient.

4. Portable Camp Shower

You know what a festival lover is really going to appreciate? A way to conveniently bathe! Most festival lovers likely have some arrangements to this effect, but you can upgrade their gear! Take a look at one of those nice battery-powered showers that also include a pump to manage water flow. These beat those gravity-powered showers with convenience.

Quality water showers like this one can be conveniently charged by a computer USB or through a 12V car adapter. If battery-powered showers aren’t on the cards, also consider solar showers for more use.

5. A Power Bank

Keeping gadgets charged can be tough. And when someone’s out enjoying the festival, charging gadgets becomes a tall order. A dependable power bank can help keep a mobile phone juiced up and your friend won’t have to worry about their mobile phone shutting down. Gift a useful power bank, while power banks rated at 10,000 mAh are most popular, I’ll suggest keeping 20,000 mAh as your baseline. These aren’t very expensive and can be more useful on the campground than a conventional 10,000 mAh power bank.

6. Inflatable Loungers

Inflatable loungers are a great way to chill and spend time. They’re easy and compact to transport, can be inflated manually without much of an effort. Best of all, they’re amazingly comfortable and can be fun on a campground. It’s a bit amusing to see running around to inflate a lounger, but the lounger itself is a great fit for music festival lovers.

7. LED Shoes

LED Shoes! The idea of adults wearing LED shoes may seem a bit campy, but let’s face it, we love them. And they’re a great fit to take along to music festivals. They’re bright, shiny, and right in sync with the festival mood.

8. Solar Powered Charging Station

I talked about getting a power bank earlier in the article, but if that’s not on the cards, a solar-powered charging station is the right choice. All these devices need is the sun and they can charge mobile phones and other small battery-powered devices. Some solar chargers add extra functions for usability like including flashlights or being attached to or compatible for use with backpacks.

9. An Awesome Bluetooth Speaker

A music festival lover is a music lover! Give them an amazing, high-quality portable Bluetooth speaker that they can use in their daily life and even take along to music festivals. JBL Flip 4 is an excellent choice. This speaker is waterproof, good quality, and reasonably priced. It is available in several colors and its playtime on a full charge is almost 12 hours. If speakers are not on the top of your list, there are some top quality Bluetooth headphones available as well.

10. A Head And Neck Scarf

The Arabian-style desert head and neck scarf is a big hit at music festivals. This is especially true for festivals that can be hot and dusty. The scarf adequately covers the head, neck, and face and protects it from dust and sun. It’s a concept proven in the harsh deserts, so the scarf certainly can handle the challenges thrown at it in a music festival.

These scarves are relatively inexpensive and are available in a whole range of colors and patterns. If your friend is so inclined, they can give it a touch of customization to truly personalize the scarf for their use.

10 Amazing Gifts For The Music Festival Lovers In Your Life

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