Enter To Win Beautiful Hallmark Greeting Cards From Dollar Tree

Today, August 25, the 6,800 Dollar Tree stores will be celebrating 1 YEAR of carrying Dollar Tree exclusive design greeting cards by Expressions from Hallmark and Heartline a Hallmark Company!

I am no longer promoting this company. All links have been removed.
  • Heartline, A Hallmark Company, 2 for $1
  • Expressions From Hallmark, $1 each
Heartline A Hallmark Company Greeting Cards Available At Dollar Tree - Exclusive Designs

I want to emphasize that these card designs are exclusive to Dollar Tree so you won’t find them anywhere else! For more information on them you can visit this link.

I’ve been shopping at Dollar Tree for many years now and I love their Expressions from Hallmark and Heartline a Hallmark Company greeting cards! I can always find exactly what I’m looking for and never have to spend more than a $1 for a card. Sometimes, like with the Heartline, A Hallmark Company, I get 2 for $1!

I was sent an assortment of cards to use. They are all bright and cheerful. Some have full messages inside and others leave plenty of room to add your own message.

Many of them are for birthdays. Considering we have at least one birthday in every month except July, they are perfect! Cards range from funny to sentimental and there’s one for every occasion. I have a neighbor who recently had a full knee replacement. I’ll be stopping by the Dollar Tree for her get well card and gift because I know I’ll find the perfect items there!

I found the perfect birthday card, in the Heartline, A Hallmark Company series, for an upcoming friends birthday. She’s shown so much kindness to others and brightened our lives. The message in the card is perfect!

heartline a hallmark company hallmark greeting cards available at dollar tree inside

The cards I received, as well as any I’ve purchased in-store, are all great quality card stock. The graphics are bright and vibrant and the messages are meaningful and heartfelt. They include matching envelopes in bright colors. I’ve never had any problems finding just the right card. I’ll be using several of these for my kids upcoming birthdays!

Expressions From Hallmark Company Greeting Cards Available At Dollar Tree

And remember, Everything always $1 – Shop Now!

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