THM Protein Bars, Homeschool Curriculum And Sale!

Trim Healthy Mama is releasing their very own low carb, low glycemic, healthy, completely sugar free THM protein bars and we’d greatly appreciate it if you used our affiliate link to purchase!


THM Sale Update from Pearl (owner)
“Sale is still raging on! I know we ran out of bars way early but all our Trim Healthy Hemp products are on sale along with an amazing bundle that includes our Orange Silk cream, the Orange Lotion and the Spunj. Also the THMAPP coupon code is still valid for orders over $50.”

We’d love it if you used our affiliate link when placing your orders! This adds no extra charges to you, but offers us a small commission to keep our own site running.

THM Sale Alert

Tuesday, August  27, FOUR huge things are going down!

Number 1 – THM Protein Bars!

Yep, the THM protein bar which has been four years in the making (well, I should say in the waiting) is being released. It took so long to get to you because it is a one of a kind bar… nothing like it. We had to build our own bar factory to get it done as nobody else could make it for us. No fillers or fake fibers. Just pure, perfectly balanced protein in a chocolate brownie flavor with a little metabolism revving MCT oil as fat. It is a FP! It is going to rock your life!

thm protein bars

There will be a limit on amounts of THM protein bars you can buy at first as they want everyone to get to try them. They’ll be in singles or bundles of 6.
There will be a limit of 2 bundles of 6 for each purchase
Click here to purchase the 6 pack of Protein bars
Click here to purchase the individual bars.

Number 2 – THM Home School Curriculum

UPDATE: The THM sisters have issued an update on Number 2, the curriculum. This will, unfortunately, be pushed back a week due to a shipping issue BUT will have it’s own $5 off coupon code “EGGONFACE” (because they’re incredibly sorry for the delay) when it arrives. So, if you’re wanting that, stay tuned for updates.

Number 3 – THM CBD Products

All… repeat… ALL their CBD products will be on sale along with  a super special THM Orange Cream and Orange Lotion bundle. YASSS!

Number 4 – a $5 off coupon that will be good for the day.

They have a new app that lets you analyze individual ingredients to know what category they fall under. For instance, if you input cucumber, it will show as FP (fuel pull). Sugar will show as NOP (not on plan) etc. They tried a special push notification on the app last week, mentioning this $5 coupon but it messed up. So, they sent it to all THM’s in the private group, instead, and gave us permission to share!

The code is THMAPP. It will be good for any purchase of fifty bucks or more! Thank you for shopping through our link!

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