5 Advantages Of Microsoft Azure For Your Business

There is no doubt that Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular cloud-computing platforms on the web today. There are dozens of advantages for this cloud computing environment, and below on this page, you can find the main 5 of them.

Microsoft Azure
Advantages Of Microsoft Azure For Your Business

What is the purpose of Microsoft Azure?

Making use of a cloud server with Microsoft Azure gives you the freedom to manage, build, and deploy services on a global network, using the tools and frameworks you and your employees are most comfortable with.

If this is not big of an advantage for you, stay for the 5 real benefits of using Microsoft Azure:

#1. Affordability

Because Microsoft Azure eliminated the need to host your own data center, it makes using it affordable. As a business, you should know how much is spent on building infrastructures, in-house building services, equipment, software, licensing costs, and the staff required to manage the whole thing.

This is when Azure steps in and eats a huge chunk of that budget. Why? Because you are hosting your data on cloud-based service.

#2. You get to keep the software and hardware you’re used to

Azure’s system is updated regularly, and Microsoft is using the best equipment and software possible. You probably hear this lot, but this is not about your local PC repair shop, this is Microsoft after all – 125.8 billion worth company.

With numbers like this, you can rest assured that all ongoing maintenance is provided without you experiencing any business downtime. All that without a sudden increase in the cost of your subscription!

#3. Scalability

The traditional in-house systems do not allow effective scalability resulting in the degradation and inability to respond appropriately to any business changes.

Microsoft Azure offers custom options, meaning that you only pay for the features you need. If you are new to this, contacting professional Microsoft Azure consulting services is recommended so you can have a better understanding of what you are doing.

#4. Data security

Let’s bring the name Microsoft one more time. Imagine the difference between an in-house server and an Azure server hosted by Microsoft’s data center.

The first one is probably secured with a lock or two, and possibly CCTV. Now think about the security this multi-billion company can offer.

As for cyber threats, you should know that your data is stored and secured, and Azure has a response team that works 24/7 to deal with any cyber threats.

#5. Disaster Recovery

Say goodbye to all the hard drives you need for backing up your data. Azure comes with 99 years of data retention, and everything you store in the cloud is backed up on another server within the Microsoft network.

With Microsoft Azure, you know if everything is working smoothly, no matter where you are.

If you wonder if other cloud services are providing such benefits, the answer is probably yes. But the reliability Microsoft has proven over the years is good enough to choose them over the small-scale, cloud startups.

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