3 Simple Ways To Elevate Your Music Production

You’re in the zone, whether in a studio or your room. You’re creating sick beats for the next up and coming rapper—or so you think. You listen back and you know you can do better. But how? Before you drown yourself in self-pity, as most artists do, consider the other obstacles that could be in your way. Sometimes, it’s not a lack of talent, but small changes that need to be made in order to elevate your art.

Here are three easy ways to elevate your music production.

3 simple ways to elevate your music production

Aesthetics Are Everything

The right environment during the creative process is everything. You can’t create your best work if you’re not in your best place. This means physically, but also aesthetically. Who wants to create something great on a boring platform? Nobody. Whatever equipment or program you use, consider giving it a mini facelift.

For example, if you use Xfer Serum Skins, consider using one of their serum skins to fit your mood. There’s a skin for everything– genre, color, style. Pick one that suits you and watch your work elevate. Creative people can’t work in plain, boring spaces. They need to draw inspiration from somewhere to get their creative juices working, even if it’s through a different design for their platform.

Check Your Self

Artists typically put their work before themselves, and if no one checks them, they’ll neglect themselves. So, take a break from work. Seriously, it’ll be there when you get back. Step outside, get some fresh air, go for a walk. Inspiration may hit you on your walk, who knows?

Also, consider reaching out to friends or family. Sometimes, all it takes is talking to someone you trust in order for you to get what you need to create. Take at least an hour away from the work so you can come back with fresh eyes to fix everything that you sensed might have been “broken.” If you’re not at your best, you can’t create great work.

Ignore What’s Popular

You might hear your music and think it needs a little spruce because it sounds like everything everyone else is creating. It can be really easy to fall into the trap of producing the same sounds everyone else is. I mean, it’s selling for a reason, right? Well, trends change every day. So, what’s popping today could literally be considered trash tomorrow. So, don’t listen to the trends or anyone who tells you your beat doesn’t sound a certain way.

The music producers who have been around the longest don’t create what’s popular– what they create becomes popular. This means you have to listen to yourself and not everything that’s playing on the radio. Make the music you like and take it from there. Some of the greatest artists in the world didn’t create what was considered popular music during their time, but today, their work is sampled in so many new songs. Creating art is not easy. There is no right or wrong way, so it’s hard to know if what you’re creating is even any good. However, you decided to produce music for a reason. So, somewhere in you, there is talent. You just have to tap into it. If you find yourself in a rut, take a break, meet some friends or family, or start using Serum skins. Change your environment. That means creating an aesthetically pleasing environment that begets art but also taking better care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup. And this means shutting off the world. Dr. Dre didn’t create with the radio on or with naysayers in the room, so neither should you.

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