Hot Sauce Subscription Box: Kicking Up Flavor

We use a lot of hot sauce in our family. Like, an insane amount. We eat it with everything from chili to eggs to potatoes. Just a dash can add incredible flavor to your food. Clay likes different flavors and brands of hot sauce. His mom bought him a hot sauce gift set for Christmas and it was a huge hit. Now, if you remember me telling you that this man is the most difficult person in the world to shop for then you’ll understand why that was such a phenomenal gifting experience. He loved it and he showed emotion about it so…

I heard about the Monthly Pepper Box which is a monthly subscription for hot sauce. It’s like Ipsy or Birchbox for hot sauce instead of beauty! The beauty of that is that it is right up Clay’s alley! As members of the US Family Guide, we were gifted a complimentary 3 month subscription so we could test it out.  It’s a hit!

Hot Sauce Subscription Box

There are three subscriptions to choose from:

  • 1x Month – 3 sauces from 1 artisan sauce maker – $24 per month
  • 3x Month – 9 sauces from 3 artisan sauce makers – $23 per month
  • 6x Month – 18 sauces from 6 artisan sauce makers – $22 per month

So it’s cheaper per month when you take a longer subscription deal. Each offer free shipping and their renewal dates differ depending on your selection.

Hot Sauce Subscription Box

Here’s an awesome hot sauce deal for you all too!

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We’ve only received one box so far but the sauces we received were all really good. We received the following 3 sauces:

  • Captain AssJack Minorcan Gold
  • Captain AssJack Minorcan Ghost
  • Flamingo Fire Original “Flamingo Fire”

Hot Sauce Subscription Box

Each bottle is 5 oz so you get plenty of sauce and each one is completely different from the others. It’s amazing how you can have so many flavors and varieties of hot sauce. And we love trying each one.

This is such a great subscription box. The flavors and quality are great. The bottles are perfectly sized and receiving them each month is a great way to try out something we may not be able to find in our local area.

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