Grilling Must Haves For Free! Limited-Edition Grilling Bundle!

There are so many July 4th sales happening right now, it’s hard to keep track. There’s one I can promise you won’t want to miss: ButcherBox is giving away a limited-edition grilling bundle for free in your first box when you order now!

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Meet the limited-edition grilling bundle:

Butcherbox Limited-edition Grilling Bundle
  • 1 rack of St. Louis ribs—Amazing in the smoker
  • 2 ribeyes—So flavorful, you’ll be skipping the steakhouse
  • 2 lbs of ground beef—The most delicious pick for burgers

Seriously, you can never have too much meat at a summer cookout! (leftovers are amazing!) And I’d much rather have too much food, than not enough. Ever have unexpected and uninvited guests show up? We have! And we don’t mind when guests bring a plus one or four, as long as we have plenty of food to feed them.

This bundle will give you a bit of extra and free beef for that summer grilling! Do y’all have plans for this 4th of July? With many states opening back up and loosening get-together regulations, many folks will be hosting 4th of July parties and cookouts. Clay and I have to work all weekend so we don’t have any plans. But, if we did, we’d definitely be hosting a big-ish cookout!

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