Help Protect Your Home With A Light Bulb Hidden Camera

One thing every person can agree on is the fact that we want our homes to be safe and secure, especially when traveling. One way to do that is through the use of a security system, security cameras or even a hidden ip camera.

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We recently received a complimentary NuCam IR 720P to test out and I’d like to tell you a little about it and our results. All opinions are strictly my own and were formed through personal testing of the product. I will share with you my likes and dislikes and anything i think could use upgrading. 

Clay and I travel a lot. And even though we have a house sitter, we still want to make sure everything is kept under a watchful eye to ensure their safety as well as that of our home. So we use security cameras and especially love ones that can by synced to our mobile devices. We don’t just use them when traveling, though. Because we receive a lot of packages throughout the year, have kids, pets, etc. we like to keep security cameras in action at all times. It just helps add another layer of security to our home. And monitor our pup, Jasper, who likes to be destructive when left alone.

NuCam 720P Light Bulb Hidden Camera

A light bulb camera is great in that it can be used as a light bulb hidden camera. It can be used in any light fixture in your home. Even though the power source to it needs to be on for it to work, you can turn its light on and off so it blends in as a regular light bulb. And it can even go with you. So you could use it in a lamp at a hotel or cabin rental to keep an your on your personal belongings when traveling.

They are super easy to use. All you do is place it in your light fixture like any other light bulb. Where you place your light and if you use an adapter to let you extend the length, change the angle etc.. will determine how much area you can view.

In our ceiling fan it only viewed a small portion of the room.

Light Bulb Hidden Camera

In the front porch light fixture it viewed straight down by the door. In a lamp I could view most of the room and with a flood light in the yard, I could see a wide portion. Actually, most of the yard.

NuCam 720P Light Bulb Hidden Camera

Download the corresponding app. In this case, the NuCam 720 uses the free BSTCAM app (also available for PC in the included disc). It has been upgraded from previous versions of the bulb and uses a more complimentary app. Open your phones wifi settings and look for the wifi to the bulb. Set your device to the light bulbs wifi (temporarily). Open the app, find the light bulb camera UID, and then go to the advanced settings to enter your homes wifi name and password (Use WPA security for your wifi). Once it has connected you can switch your device back to your regular wifi.

Since the app is now connected to the light bulb camera, you can use the app anywhere with any wifi or your device mobile data to view your security camera and what it is seeing. Cool!

NuCam IR 720P

Light Bulb Hidden Camera

This  particular light bulb camera has motion detection with an alarm option (push notice to your cellphone or email) available and begins recording immediately when movement has been detected. It has a microSD slot (up to 32gb) and with the BSTCAM app can do smartphone/PC memory recording.

Light Bulb Hidden Camera

We set ours up to help keep an eye on our porch and Christmas laser light projector. There have been some thefts of these particular lights in our area lately so I wanted to make sure we could catch any wrongdoings on camera.

I placed a lamp near a window and let the camera peek through the window blinds. I wanted it to be as hidden as possible. It worked perfectly to keep an eye on the yard!

For night time recording, the NuCam 720P has night vision with 3rd generation IR array to let you view/record the activities at night up to 15m. Up close the night vision works pretty well. We initially had it looking through a screen and it didn’t capture as well so you do need to make sure if it is indoors looking out, give it a clear view. Otherwise, using it indoors worked great!

NuCam 720P Light Bulb Hidden Camera

Looking through the screen during the day light still offered a fairly clear view. Please note that some parts of the following image have been purposely blurred.

It also has a white LED light to offer regular lighting. It has a remote or you can use the app to turn the light on/off. It throws some really good light.

Light Bulb Hidden Camera

Nucam Laser Christmas Light Projector

Overall, I am very happy with the NuCam 720P. I do wish the app was a little more straightforward. I like to just open, view, done. You do have to click on different areas for the different features. I found this to be easier with the PC version than the Android version but either way it did work well and I was able to view my light bulb hidden camera.

NuCam 720P Light Bulb Hidden Camera

I will definitely be using this NuCam light bulb camera when we travel and when we leave the dog home alone!

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