Guide To Help You Select The Ideal Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Women are always fascinated by diamond and are highly obsessive about it as it represents their social status and femininity. Celebration, social gatherings, engagement, and weddings are an ideal place for flaunting jewelry. Be it passion, craze or obsession diamond has lured women always. The shape of the diamond is a vital factor when it comes to the appearance of the diamond, some cuts, of course, are more exceptional compared to others. You know about the Diamond Cluster Ring is a blessing in the jewelry world. Every jewelry lover admires them for their power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

A Complete Guide To Help You Select A Super Ideal Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Ideal Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Top 10 Diamond Cuts

Take a look at the top 10 diamond cuts that are highly favored. Getting familiar with each will help you to choose the ideal cut.

  • Round- This is the most widely used. More than 80% engagement rings are studded with round cut diamonds. It is basically a brilliant cut having 58 facets which augment the sparkle. The round cut indeed is an epitome of the timeless classic style.
  • Oval- This is a modified version of a round cut. It has an elongated shape which makes it look bigger than the original size.
  • Marquise Cut- This is a diamond that has a shape of a football. The marquise cut has 56 facets, tapered and elongated at both ends for creating a bigger diamond look. It is ideal in case of a solitaire setting yet looks gorgeous with accent diamonds.
  • Heart Cut- The eternal love symbol, diamonds having a heart cut is viewable effectively only on bigger carat weight. This shape is difficult to cut hence extra care is needed while looking for birthmarks and flaws.
  • Pear Cut- This is a combination both of a marquise and an oval cut. It is round shaped at the top tapering to the point that resembles a teardrop or a pear. Though it makes a beautiful statement ring, this cut is used often in earrings and pendants.
  • Princess Cut- This is square in shape, and akin to the round cut it is feminine, traditional and elegant no wonder it is widely used in engagement rings.
  • Cushion Cut- This has a square cut having rounded edges which makes it look similar to a cushion or a pillow. It gets its shine from the large facets.
  • Radiant Cut- This diamond is rectangle or square in shape having the elegance of the princess cut and the brilliance of the round cut. It has a pattern of a square shape that is modified which maximizes the color refraction, thus the shine and radiance which gives this cut the name.
  • Asscher Cut- Holland’s Asscher Diamond Company, created this art deco style in 1902. Basically, it is square in shape with a smaller table, high crown and large facets no wonder it is much more brilliant compared to the emerald cut.
  • Emerald Cut- This is another cut that is largely used in engagement rings. It is rectangular in shape having a big flat table and cut corners which enhance the visibility when it comes to the birthmarks, flaws, and inclusions of the diamond. The emerald cut is decorative and highly elaborate with dazzling sparkle.

With such a wide range of amazing diamond cut and shape options, making the right pick is a challenge. But when you consider some vital factors the process will become easy. Understand the wearer’s aesthetic preference and personality, the physical features both of the ring finger and the hand at large. Also consider the purchase variables which includes the diamond size, setting, metal color, and budget. This will help you to narrow down your choices and help you choose a diamond cut for your engagement ring that is the most ideal.

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