Fight Insomnia With A Sleep Therapy Machine

Our teen daughter has a really hard time sleeping. We discovered that if she has some sort of background noise like a radio, fan, etc that she can fall asleep better and sleep longer. She shares a room, though and the others in the room don’t want the fan because they get cold and they can’t sleep with the radio. We have found a solution! We’ve been using the Sound +Sleep Mini Sleep Therapy Machine and it has worked wonders.

Sound+Sleep Mini Sleep Therapy Machine

Clay and I received a Sound +Sleep Mini to test out with our daughter and I am so glad we did. She was really struggling the last few months with insomnia. She couldn’t seem to fall asleep and once she finally did, she woke often and had trouble going back to sleep. Our son uses an air purifier and the sound of it helps him sleep but the girls share a room so it’s difficult finding a sound they can all agree on.

All of our kids love nature sounds like crickets chirping, streams, waterfalls, thunderstorms and rain, etc so I had a feeling that a sleep therapy machine with nature sounds would do the trick. And it did. They go back and forth between the sound of a brook and a thunderstorm. I’ve noticed that all the kids are sleeping so much better and it doesn’t take long at night for them to drift off.

There are 2 Distinct Sound Categories with 48 Unique Sounds including white noise, brown noise and pink noise. I’d never heard of pink or brown noise before but it is similar to white noise. If you just like sort of static in the background, these are for you.

Sound+Sleep Mini: Sound Therapy System, Travel Size with 12 Distinct Sound Categories with 48 Unique Sounds that include an Adaptive Sound system that listens and to your environment to appropriately mask noise. ($79.95)

I like this particular machine because it is small. It is the mini version so it is perfect for travel. We can take it with us on vacation and the kids will have the same sounds at night they are used to. It has a volume control but one feature that really stands out is Adaptive Sound. I can turn this on and if the sound in the room rises by someone snoring, a car or airplane going by, etc. the sound will rise to cover it, then go back down when the loud sound passes.

There are several different sounds and different levels for each sound. For example, you can set it to rain and have a light rain shower or a thunderstorm. For crowd you can have a few people chatting in the background or sound like an event with a crowded arena.

Sound+Sleep Mini Sleep Therapy Machine

To cycle through the sounds, there are two buttons. One lets you go through the types of sounds with a green light for the list on the top and a red light for the list on the bottom. You just keep pushing the button to cycle through. The second button lets you choose which level you want for a particular sound. Like the rain/thunderstorm.

The Sound +Sleep Mini has a timer so we can choose to set it at 30 or 60 minutes to just help you fall asleep, then shut off, or you can have it play throughout the night. Since our kids tend to wake often without it, we let it play throughout the night.

Sound+Sleep Mini Sleep Therapy Machine

The back of the Sound +Sleep Mini sleep therapy machine has to jacks, one for headphones and another that lets you play your phone or MP3 player music through the built-in speaker. This is really cool too because you can use it at parties or to fall asleep to your favorite music.

Sound+Sleep Mini Sleep Therapy Machine

It can be powered with included wall outlet or you can use batteries which I love because we can take it camping with us! Now, the kids will have their familiar nighttime sounds at home and on vacation.

Sound+Sleep Mini Sleep Therapy Machine

Do you use white noise, a fan or a sound therapy machine to help you sleep at night?

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