Stupid Mistakes. The Day My Tongue Melted Off!


Do you ever make really stupid mistakes? I certainly do!

Ones that could be avoided just by paying more attention to what you were doing in the first place? Yeah, I just had one of those moments.

Here’s what happened:

1. Boiled water for tea.
2. Poured tea over teabag in mug.
3. Steeped tea.
4. Added Nectresse natural sweetener (made from monk fruit)
5. Added ice for iced tea.
6. Took a sip and proceeded to BURN every single taste bud off my tongue!

And, evidently, I was in some sort of shock from the sudden pain and couldn’t make myself spit out the hot mess! Tears filled my eyes as I just managed to sit there, tongue burning. Taste buds dissolving into nothingness.Β 

Now my tongue hurts, I can’t taste the sweetener I’m goingΒ  to review and I sound funny when I talk. πŸ™

Chalk it up to #lessonlearned #epicfail #stupidmistakes


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