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The HandyShell Case for iPad 2, by Speck, is a great stand for your iPad 2. It doesn’t cover the screen so that part isn’t protected but it works perfectly as a stand and for protecting your precious back. because let’s face it, that aluminum back scratches EASILY! The iPad 2 just snaps right into place and stays secure with the beveled edges of the HandyShell.

The TPU and Polycarbonate material of the HandyShell really holds up to wear and tear without adding a lot of weight. We like that fact that the iPad 2 is thin and lightweight so we want a case that doesn’t add a ton of bulk. The HandyShell looks a bit bulky with the big handle on the back but it really isn’t. It is compact and makes it a breeze to hold your iPad or stand it up either vertically or horizontally. I can even hang it on my refrigerator when I am cooking a new recipe that I have on my iPad! I can hang it right up and use it in  place of my recipe cards so it is up and out of the way, or if you prefer, you can stand it on the counter. Either way, it works!

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The only downside I have found is that by the handle being on the bottom near the Home button, and extending in that direction, it makes some of my apps upside down if I hang it up. A few of my apps don’t rotate 360 degrees.

Using the handle as a thumb ring

I haven’t any trouble with it tipping over and I can even use the handle as a thumb ring when I am holding it in my hand. This was a little awkward for me at first but became easier and sure did make it feel more secure when holding my iPad.

The HandyShell is designed with an extended front bevel that provides an extra level of screen protection. It also features a raised section on the back of the case for a firmer, more comfortable hold.

About Speck
Founded in 2001, Speck is a worldwide leader in fun, functional and stylish cases, bags and more for iPhone, MacBook, BlackBerry, iPad, and tons of other personal electronics. Their distinctive, protective and awesome products are all designed in-house in Palo Alto, California, right in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Product Features:

  • Versatile iPad 2 case with multi-function handle for a firm grip on the go!
  • Use the hinged flip-out handle as a thumb ring for an easy, secure one-hand grip
  • Handle works as a stand for portrait or landscape viewing, plus bunches of other uses
  • Strong and secure hinge supports handle in multiple positions
  • Sleek hard shell with extended bevel for screen protection
  • Raised section on back of case for a comfortable hold

Materials: TPU & Polycarbonate (PC)

Retail: $54.95

Overall, I think this is an excellent case for the iPad 2.

Complimentary product was received for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are strictly my own.

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