Case Logic SLR Sling Keeps My Camera Safe On Vacation

I love taking photos while we are on vacation but it can be a real hassle trying to lug around my regular camera bag and all my other gear. So I was really excited for the opportunity to try out a complimentary SLR Sling by Case Logic. I’ve been looking at sling style camera bags for awhile now and I really liked the look of the SLR Sling by Case Logic.

Case Logic SLR Sling

Case Logic SLR Sling

I have what you would call a “bridge camera”. It isn’t a SLR but it is a step up from your standard point and shoot. I can even use snap on attachments. Plus I always carry my little Bloggie Touch, extra batteries and their charger as well as memory cards, USB cables and my tripod. Oh and a little point and shoot for the kids to take photos with. Add my personal gear or any hiking gear and it can be a load to carry! For walking around Gatlinburg I was all set with the Ju-Ju-Be but I needed something a bit more heavy duty when we go hiking or when I want to take the tripod along. And the Case Logic SLR Sling is the perfect bag for me.

It has a patent pending hammock system in the top that suspends your camera above the bottom of case. This keeps it from bouncing around against other items in the bag. It also has a memory foam top above the hammock that protects your LCD screen.

Case Logic SLR Sling Suspension System

Case Logic SLR Sling Camera Suspension System

Case Logic SLR Sling

Case Logic SLR Sling Memory Foam

There are TONS of pockets and compartments. The main compartment has the hammock in the top with a load of storage space beneath. I’m able to fit my Bloggie Touch and a compact digital camera in the bottom and my camera in the suspension hammock.

Case Logic SLR Sling

Case Logic SLR Sling

Case Logic SLR Sling Memory Foam

There is a really large zippered compartment beside the main compartment where you  can store an additional lens or flash. Its dimensions are  8.5″ x 6.5″ x 4.5″. I have all sorts of things in there. I really need to organize what’s in there but we took it on our spontaneous vacation and things got tossed in last minute. You can see in the photo below everything that I had in there with room to spare. No joke!

Case Logic SLR Sling Deep Side Pocket

There are three small zippered pockets that can be used to store memory cards, cords, chargers and additional accessories.

The front has a hook and loop flap where you can put your tripod. This is one of my favorite parts because I can carry it with me and it is out of the way but within easy reach when I need it. We used the tripod and my cameras timer to take a family photo and the Newfound Gap (Tennessee/North Carolina border) overlook. Everything was stowed away in my SLR Sling and super accessible for family photo taking. And I didn’t have to ask anyone to help take a photo!

Case Logic SLR Sling Tripod Holder

This sling is great in that you wear it on your back just like you would a backpack but the straps and pockets are arranged so that you don’t have to take it off to access your camera. You just slide it around on your waist, unzip and remove your camera. The shoulder strap is adjustable for your build and there is a waist strap to keep your bag from sliding around while hiking or walking. The fabric on the back offers great breathe-ability so the bag doesn’t make you overly warm.

Case Logic SLR Sling Fabric

Case Logic SLR Sling Newfound Gap Feb Mar 2014 Goofy

Newfound Gap Feb Mar 2014

This SLR Sling by Case Logic ($79.99) came at the perfect time and was just what I needed to keep my camera safe on vacation.

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