The Many Services Offered By A Family Lawyer

Law is an incredibly complex field, so much so, that lawyers tend to specialise in one or more aspects; whether it be corporate, criminal, commercial, civic or indeed family law. In this article, we take a closer look at family law and the various services offered by a local law firm.

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Divorce – When a relationship reaches its end, divorce proceedings are the order of the day and even if both parties are in agreement, they still need to consult with experienced divorce lawyers. Marital assets must be equally divided, which might involve selling the family home.

Enduring Guardianship – This is when you nominate a trusted person to make certain decisions for you, should you be unable to at any time in the future. By contacting an enduring guardian lawyer, you can make preparations for another person to make decisions on your behalf.

Last Will & Testament – Every person should write a will, which stipulates what happens to their estate in the event of their passing. If you want to be sure that your loved ones are well-cared for should the worst happen, talk to a leading Australian family lawyer and they can help you to draft a Last Will & Testament.

Child support – When a marriage breaks up and children are involved, there is a question of financial support and you need an experienced lawyer to represent you in a family court. In some cases, both parties are in agreement over child support and the case does not need to be heard by a family court.

Trust funds – Some people are looking for a way to secure their children’s future and talking to a family lawyer is the best solution. You can nominate an executor to manage the fund and there are many provisions that you can add. Click here to find out the responsibilities of a defendant.

Prenuptial agreements – When two people set out in a relationship, they often prefer to come to an agreement over assets; a legally binding agreement that stipulates what are joint assets and what are not. A prenup, as it is known, protects your individual wealth and your partner’s too. Such a document can avoid messy divorce proceedings if the relationship fails.

Contesting a will – When a person feels that they were treated unfairly in a deceased relative’s will, they can formally contest the said will. If you approach a family lawyer and present your case, he or she can tell you whether you have a chance of success. You need to have some hard evidence to back your claim; a letter from the deceased stating they wished to bequeath an asset to you would likely be enough; your lawyer would lodge a claim and a court would hear the case.

As you can see, there are many ways that a family lawyer can assist you and if you have a need for a family lawyer, Google can help find a local law firm.

We are not lawyers and this is in no way intended to be used as legal advice . We cannot be held responsible for your results. Always do your own research and seek professional legal help.

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