The Trend Towards Gently Used And Second Hand

There has been a steady and growing trend towards gently used items, be it vintage clothing or simply finding something useful to do with someone else’s old things. This article looks at this trend and provides some insights as to how you too can benefit from the gently used or second-hand market.

Auto Industry

There was a thoughtful and steady trend towards gently used vehicles even before the wait for electric vehicles to cheapen had become ‘a thing’. Buying a new vehicle and driving it off the lot loses you around 30% of the new car’s value, and many have begun to realize that there is possibly more sense and use value obtained from buying a gently used or second-hand vehicle. The others in the market, as mentioned, are the large number of people who won’t buy a new traditionally fueled car in anticipation of an EV that they can afford.

Technology and Specifically Mobile Phones

Based on the number of mobile phones in current usage, and the trend towards changing and upgrading your mobile phone regularly, has created a huge second-hand and gently used market for mobile phones. Places like Plug are a great example, where you can shop for phones that have the technical requirements and specifications, and yet, are not brand new and, therefore, available at more affordable prices. This reduces the need for manufacturers to make as many models as possible, and protects the mineral resources used to make batteries and other mobile phone components.


Vintage clothing has always been popular and there have been shops and markets specifically for clothing that has been pre-used and yet is still in great condition. It’s been called the ‘rise of re-sale’ when related to clothing, and many who buy high-end fashion and top-end brands are now known to then sell the clothing when looking to replace it or buy more. There are now websites and online outlets related to specific brands or clothing, and many a fashionista would do well to visit these if they are looking to add some quality items to their wardrobes.


The general trend has been for manufacturers and businesses to change their product lifecycles and, rather than from cradle to grave or landfill, products are made that follow a cradle-to-cradle process. Consumers want to know that the things that they buy can be reused or re-purposed when their current use cycle comes to an end. These green credentials have become a major selling point and are some of the best means of selling and marketing modern products and services.

These are the top trends regarding the gently used and second-hand market. More people are looking for ways to save money in the current uncertain economic climate. The insights and trends discussed herein are those that you too can use to save a little more money and perhaps even have the brand and quality items that you want, all while playing your part in saving the planet.

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