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During the 4th of July Holiday weekend, my family and I had a wonderful cookout, then went to watch the fireworks display in a nearby field. I’m not a big fan of being outdoors because I am usually eaten alive by mosquitoes. For some reason, they will attack me when they aren’t bothering anyone else. So when I was contacted to review the ThermaCELL Mosquito Lantern, I jumped for joy.

It works! It really works! One thing I did notice was that when it was sitting on the porch, anything below the porch didn’t get protected. For instance, I had the ThermaCELL Lantern sitting on my patio which is several feet off the ground and I was sitting on the edge with my legs dangling over the side. The part of my legs that were hanging over the edge received a few bites but the upper part of my body received none. NONE! So I took it with us when we went to watch fireworks, set it on the ground, turned it on a few minutes before the show and was protected the entire time. I didn’t receive a single mosquito bite and neither did anyone who was with me. AWESOME!

For some reason, my photos aren’t here so I will post another blog post tomorrow with photos of what the lantern looks like and how it works. It uses a repellent pad in the top and a butane tube to ignite a flame on the inside. It is so cool!

ThermaCELL makes LED Patio and Outdoor Lanterns equipped with the most effective, environmentally-safe, odor-free Mosquito Repellent on the market. ThermaCELL products create a bug free zone with an all natural extract, protecting you, kids, guests, food and pets all without spraying chemicals on your skin. The lantern does not smell, is not harmful to humans, animals, insects, or the environment, keeping your deck or campsite light-up and skin bite free.

I am pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this lantern. It works against almost all flying insects, not just mosquitoes. And I love, love, love the fact that it uses an environmentally safe, odorless ingredient to keep me bug bite free. Most products smell heavily of citronella which triggers my migraine headaches quicker than anything else on the planet. Not to mention, they don’t keep the bugs from biting the daylights out of me. ThermaCELL worked, plain and simple and without making me sick or giving me a headache. And, I was able to enjoy the gorgeous fireworks with my family without being miserable the entire time! Thank you ThermaCELL!!!!


Complimentary lanterns have been provided by ThermaCell for review and giveaway purposes. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are strictly my own.

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