Three Things You Can Do Right Now That Will Make Your Upcoming Home Move Smoother

Moving has got to be one of the most stressful things we ever experience. Packing up all your stuff is going to take forever, and you’ll be spending a lot of time sorting through stuff to make sure that you’re not throwing away useful or sentimental things. After that, you’ve gotta find the right moving company to help you move. Either that, or you need to lure in a few friends to help you move.

It’s stressful and nobody wants that, but there are a couple of ways to lessen the impact of a move–assuming you plan accordingly!

Boxes: Make Your Upcoming Home Move Smoother
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Make sure you start packing things up weeks or even months in advance

It’s never too early to start packing up. You should do it as soon as you get confirmation that you’re going to be moving. In fact, some people start packing the moment they look for a house because it’s going to help with organization in the long run. If you take too long with packing, then it’ll feel like a mad rush to stuff everything into boxes haphazardly before the big day.

If you take your time and do it over a few weeks, then you’ll even have time to sell stuff that could still be worth money, thus giving you a lot less clutter to move!

Plan ahead with all of the phone calls you need to make

Phone calls are important, and it’s not just about calling movers either. There are gonna be loads of people you have to contact, be that by phone, email, or any other method, and they’ll need to know that you’re moving. You have to get in touch with all of your utilities services to get things cut, you have to change your address with all of your services, and you need to let your workplace know. These are all extremely important things to consider when moving as the last thing you want is for a package to be sent to the wrong address. Even your Uber Eats address should be changed at the right time.

The reason we write down a list is simple–because we want to call all of those numbers, log in to those websites, and email those people roughly around the same time. We want the transition to be smooth so you don’t forget anything, and they all need to know the address change the moment you’re moving to your new home.

Do your research on moving before you dive in

The fact that you’re reading this means that you’re already doing a bit of research–but you’ve got to go deeper. Look for the right moving service by checking out reviews or even asking friends and family members. Know where to buy high-quality packaging materials so that you don’t end up with flimsy boxes. Make sure you know where local shops and stores are so that you can immediately settle into your new home.

These things are all very important to know and it really pays to do your research ahead of time. Keep a little folder of important documents and research if you have to–it’ll be more handy than you think.

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