Quick Ideas For Travel Planning Using A Curated List!

A curated list makes it easier to plan the most memorable trip for the client. It helps to confirm the plan, and the client remains satisfied and happy. Be it a family trip, couple travelers, luxury seekers, or somebody with a fixed budget, a curated list makes the execution flexible and tailored to the client’s needs.

So, let’s get started with a curating list and learn how to use it.

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• Trip Idea List

If you want to use the trip-detailed curated list, tailor your ideas and recommend a trip plan to the clients. If you have the trip dates, you can easily filter out the unwanted items from the list. It also helps to plan a personalized recommendation that the client would like.

• Destination list

The most time-saving element while planning a trip is the destination-specific list. If you have a copy of the experience for a particular destination, you can present it to all the clients who want to visit. This helps you understand what the clients like, their preferences and interests, and how you have to modify or adjust. 

• Preferences list

Some prefer to travel with family, while others go solo. Both these parties would have different requirements. So, if the client is looking forward to a family-friendly adventure, incorporate a kid-friendly plan. If the client wants a thrilling experience, include high-adrenaline experiences like zip-lining or other extreme sports. For luxury preferences, include fine dining, spa retreats, private cabins, etc.

• Specific Category List

Based on the clients’ demand, you also need specific categories, including food tours and cultural explorations. You can also include events like wine tasting and visiting art galleries to provide a wide range of experiences within a single tour package, which would build a solid relationship with the clients and travel agency.

• Client Approved List

If the client has a fixed “Must Try” list, you must adjust it within the trip plan. This will make the client come back to you next time, and you might also be recommended to anyone they meet. While planning a trip for a new client, this list would also be a great resource for suggestions and options they can pick up.

• Personalized Client History

Maintaining a personalized list of your favorite clients can enhance their traveling experience during future trips. You get to make and do and not based on records. Also, if the client plans to go to a destination for the second time, it would help to plan the trip by simply adjusting the dates and keeping the itinerary the same.


To maintain a curated list, you must keep it up-to-date and utilize the details laid out by the client pre- and post-trip. You can make a spontaneous booking and plan the best trip without any effort. Always be adaptive to the list, and never hesitate to add, edit, or remove any information. This curated list would motivate clients to include your suggestions and trust you with the entire planning.

A trusted travel agent pays attention to the client’s requirements and incorporates their expert ideas to make the trip memorable. 

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