Travel Tips For Plus-Size Adventurers

With the warmer weather and brighter skies come holidays, travel plans, and adventures to be had. Travelling as a plus-size woman can be interesting, but need not be overwhelming or challenging if you take the time to plan and research your destinations and activities. If flying, you can even supply your own seat belt extension to avoid those sniggers and looks from fellow travelers. Avoid panic buying and overpacking by following these top tips.

Carry On Luggage

Remember, you can buy plus-size clothing all over the world, but it is not always easy, especially when headed to many parts of Asia. For this reason, pack a well-planned carry-on bag containing your bathing costume, a cover-up (which can double as a scarf or headcover), at least one extra casual outfit, a sweater, medication, and beauty supplies. Should your luggage arrive at your destination later than you, at least you are covered for a while.

Travel Tips For Plus-Size Adventurers

Your Luggage

Invest in large, sturdy, reliable luggage, remembering that larger clothes mean more material that takes up more space. Multi-purpose, mix and match items are ideal. Whether your holiday is long or short, only pack enough for one week. You will need to do laundry while away, but this is better than having to drag around too many extra items that you have not been able to wear. Sarongs are perfect multi-purpose items that can be used as beach cover-ups, beach towel, an extra layer on cool flights or nights out, or a headscarf or body covering at religious sites. Sometimes it is even worthwhile to pack a full-size travel towel if you do not relish fighting the gap left when using regular-sized hotel towels.

Prioritise pieces that can be dressed up or down easily. Dresses and trousers can move from day to night wear by adding accessories and changing shoes. Make sure to research your destinations as well as what activities you plan to do so that you can pack accordingly. Sightseeing, snorkelling, hiking, or abseiling all need specialist outfits so ensure you consider this when you plan your wardrobe. Specialist may just mean a pair of comfortable yoga pants rather than a skirt for a certain excursion.

Many cruises are more casual than they used to be, but some still hold formal dinners with a strict dress code. Use this opportunity to glam up and showcase your curves with style and elegance. Visit sites like for high quality, fashionable yet affordable fashion and designer wear.

Choose lightweight, breathable, quick-drying, and wrinkle-free materials. Cotton is great for comfort but creases badly and can become weighed down by the moisture it absorbs.

Hiking sandals are a perfect option for plus-size adventurers as they offer good support for the feet. They are lightweight, breathable and often water-friendly. No one wants blistered feet after one walk so sensible shoes are a must.

Underwear for Adventures

As a traveler, it is important to pack enough comfortable underwear that keeps you cool and prevents skin irritations. More walking and sightseeing results in more chafing: make sure to pack anti-chafing remedies like creams, baby powder or deodorant. Cotton biker-style shorts worn under skirts and dresses are a lifesaver, even for regular-sized travelers. Make the most of your airport outfit but don’t overdo it. Wearing jeans may seem like a good idea to save in luggage weight and space, but they are not always the most comfortable to travel in and you may end up regretting taking them. As well as comfort, think glamour, trendy, sexy, and fun when planning your holiday wardrobe. Beauty is defined by individualism and confidence, not by size and weight, so have a safe and memorable trip, and enjoy your well-deserved holiday. Be bold, be beautiful, and be you.

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