Trim Healthy Hydrates Sale!

If you love Trim Healthy Hydrates and Baobab or if you’ve been thinking about trying their Workins workout routine, now is the perfect time to stock up or try them out! PLUS I have a coupon for $5 off of a $50 order as well!

Bulk Hydrates, Baobab, & Workins
Sale Dates: 4/28 – 5/4

*Spend $50 or more and use the discount code APRIL23 at checkout to receive $5 off your total. (CODE EXPIRES 11:59pm CDT Thur May 4th, 2023)

Bulk Hydrates:

I absolutely LOVE Trim Healthy Hydrates. My favorite is cherry followed by Blue Skies Colada. It is coconut-y and incredible in the summer! NOTE: These are NOT electrolyte drink mixes. They are flavoring packets for your water (and food) and are delicious!

I love to sprinkle one packet or a tsp of the bulk mix over plain Greek yogurt and mix it in. It is so good and refreshing! You can also sprinkle some blueberries on top and spread it out on parchment paper and freeze to make a yogurt bark. So good!

Trim Healthy Bulk Hydrates Sale

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Trim Healthy Hydrates: Blue Skies Colada 16oz Bag reg: $24.29 sale: $22.99
Trim Healthy Hydrates: Cherry Berry 16oz Bag reg: $19.99 sale: $16.99
Trim Healthy Hydrates: Cherry Berry Baobab 16oz Bag reg: $20.99 sale: $17.99
Trim Healthy Hydrates: Lemon Love 16oz Bag reg: $19.99 sale: $16.99


Baobab Boost Powder 11oz Bag reg: $13.99 sale: $9.99


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Workins: Comprehensive Exercise & Healing Program reg: $59.99 sale: $ 39.99
Workins: Online Streaming Version reg: $14.99 per year sale: $12.99
Workins: DVD Set reg: $29.99 sale: $19.99
Workins: Equipment Bundle reg: $26.99 sale: $23.99
Workins: Exercise Band: Heavy reg: $6.99 sale: $4.99
Workins: Exercise Booklet & Poster reg: $9.99 sale: $6.99
Workins: Exercise Doorstop reg: $3.99 sale: $1.99
Workins: Exercise Loop: Light (pink) reg: $3.99 sale: $2.49
Workins: Exercise Loop: Medium (blue) reg: $3.99 sale: $2.49
Workins: Exercise Resistance Tube w/Handles reg: $9.99 sale: $6.99

I hope you get to take advantage of this sale. If you haven’t tried the Trim Healthy Hydrates you really should. They are great for on the go!

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