Trim Healthy Sweeteners On Sale!

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Trim Healthy Sweeteners are all on sale! They are having a 4th Of July sale at Trim Healthy Mama called the 4th Of July “Sweet Freedom” Sale. Details below. As always, thank you for using my affiliate link when you shop!

Trim Healthy Sweetener Sale

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4th of July Event (6/30 @ 12am – 7/6 @ 11:59pm)

As far as Trim Healthy sweeteners go, they’re all great, but, I LOVE Trim Healthy Gentle Sweet (Xylitol-Free). It is a powdered sweetener that is very “light” tasting, comparable to sugar. I use the xylitol-free because we have dogs and xylitol is toxic to dogs. There’s not really any difference in taste between the two versions. Xylitol just helps keep the sweeteners from crystallizing in things like ice cream. Otherwise, they’re very similar.

Ok, go stock up on Trim Healthy sweeteners! Now’s the perfect time to stock up for fall and winter Holiday baking!

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