Update The Look Of Your Bathroom With A New Toilet


A couple months ago I mentioned that we were going to be updating the look of our bathroom. We rent so it’s hard to do decorative updates. But there are a few things we can do like painting, changing out the shower curtain and shower hardware and even changing the lighting, toilet and faucets if need be.

We were going to do several changes to our master bath over the Labor day weekend but some things came up that put us behind on our DIY home renovation projects. One thing we wanted to change out was the toilet. The one we have is old. Our landlord agrees that it needs to be changed and left is up to us to choose one. We agreed to do the work. I’ve been looking at an Aquasource Toilet. They’re popular and fairly easy to install.

Update The Look Of Your Bathroom With A New Toilet

I am going to stick with a white toilet. I want something that will go with any color scheme we, and future tenants, choose to go with. I want something sleek but not overly fancy. And, naturally, I want something that is going to be easy for Clay and I to install. If we’re doing a DIY project, it can’t take more than a weekend to do. A new toilet can be installed in a day.

If you can’t or aren’t allowed to install a new toilet in your home, you can still update the look by simply changing the toilet seat. Going from a solid white to an oak or colored seat can make a big impact on the look of your bathroom.

Changing the hardware like the flush handle, caps on the screws, etc. is another simple way to update the look of your bathroom. No matter which project you choose, giving your bathroom and whole new look can be as simple as changing one or two things or adding a pop of color.

Now to find the perfect toilet that will last through years of at least 6 people using it!

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