Walgreens Prescription Savings Club #rxsavingsclub

Have you heard of the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club?

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Every month, I have to purchase what are called “maintenance medications” for high blood pressure, allergies, etc. Even though I have health insurance with prescription coverage, it is costly. My insurance provider requires us to purchase anything considered a maintenance medication through their mail order service before they will cover the cost. The thing is, it costs MORE than just paying for generic medications out of pocket. My current pharmacy is fairly inexpensive on generic medications but we do a lot of shopping at Walgreens for generic over the counter medications, plus many have a 24 hour pharmacy so I really want to transfer my prescriptions there. I heard about the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club #rxsavingsclub and wanted to check it out.

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Before heading to the store, I did a little research online at bit.ly/rxsavingsclub. It is NOT Insurance. It is a savings plan for prescription medications. With medications being so expensive, I definitely wanted to learn more about it! I learned on the site that the annual membership is really pretty affordable. An Individual plan is $20 per year and a family plan is $35 per year. Not only can you save on your prescriptions, but you can also save 10% on Walgreens brand products and photofinishing services. So I talked to my husband and we agreed to head to Walgreens to discuss the club with a pharmacist. I was curious to see how much my medications would cost with the membership.

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I spoke with the pharmacists and we determined that my blood pressure medicine would be quite a bit higher than it is at my current pharmacy but my allergy medication would only be a few cents higher. Add the other savings on Walgreens brand products and I would still end up saving over the course of a year! So, we decided to transfer my allergy and other meds to Walgreens but leave the BP medication where it is. The pharmacists was so nice and the process was very quick!  Because I am the only one currently needing monthly medications, I signed up for an Individual plan. After seeing some of the other medications that we can save money on though I wish, now, that I had gone ahead and taken the Family plan and will probably go back and ask about upgrading.


I received this document which will serve as my temporary club card. It will save me money on my prescriptions, 10% on Walgreens products, pet meds, photofinishing, etc. It is such a great plan!

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My permanent card will be here in 10 – 14 days. WOOT WOOT!

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Even though I wasn’t able to transfer all of my medications, I am still super happy that I could join and save money. I’ll try it out for a year and then reevaluate my cost and savings.  I’m certain we are going to save quite a bit though.

You can connect with Walgreens and learn more on Facebook, Twitter and their website.

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4 thoughts on “Walgreens Prescription Savings Club #rxsavingsclub”

  1. It seems like you got a really nice pharmacist who was able to explain things to you. That is really great!I hope that you will save a lot on your prescriptions.

  2. not happy with the prescription savings club was told I would get my medicine for one price every month which was not correct got it twice for the price that I was told then it went up.

  3. I have been using Walgreens pharmacy for several years. I have a pharmacy card in which I would receive a discount on my
    RX Meds. Now because I have Medicare (No drug plan) the cost of my RX Meds could no longer could be discounted. I have been
    paying say $30.00 for three month supply,
    my cost now is over $200.00 for three months supply. The cost of all RX Meds has
    increased to over $100.00. I have been on Medicare all the time and now all at once I have to pay 10 times the amount I have
    paid in the past. No wonder the elderly and others can not afford their medication. I would appreciate you looking into this
    matter. I think it is unfair and a complete RIPOFF to all the people who have used Walgreens for years and now must seek an
    alternate place to purchase their medications and other products.


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