What Is Seascape Wall Art Design?

In simple terms, a seascape is a piece of art that depicts the sea. Also known as marine art, seascape got its name from forming the word “landscape,” another type of art. A piece of seascape art can be made in any medium, just like other types of artwork (paintings, photography, fabrics, etc.). If seascape art interests you, read on to learn more about it.

What Makes a Good Seascape Piece?

Suppose you are looking for a good seascape wall art design. In that case, the typical telling of a seascape design could include the following:

  • A solid foreground that may consist of rocks, water in the middle ground, or a moody sky
  • The horizon line, where water meets the sky, should be convex but not noticeable to the eye.
  • Robin’s egg blue may be a popular color in these works.
  • Other colors may include: different shades of blue, β€œseaglass green,” warm grays, and blues with a touch of gray
  • The piece must depict the sea.

Who Would Like Seascape Wall Art Design?

The obvious answer would be anyone with an affinity for the sea. However, I would guess that some other groups would benefit from seascape wall art design, such as:

  • People that were in the Navy and enjoyed “marine” themes
  • People that find water and the sea comforting
  • People that find cool colors calming

If the Sea is Too Moody for You, Try Beach Scenes

The sea can be violent at times. You would know this if you read the novel Moby Dick. If a sea theme is a little too much, a beach theme is also considered a seascape. Try a beach scene instead if you:

  • Think a moody sea scene might not be calming enough
  • Love the beach, and it is your happy place
  • Want a more tropical twist on the seascape
  • Want a lighter twist on the seascape

The ocean may be considered a symbol of new horizons and a bright future for some people. Others may find it to be scary or too intense. If this is you, I suggest you avoid seascape wall design. However, if you find the sea to be a happy and calming place, it may be an excellent theme for your household wall art. For those that want something tropical and lighter, try a beach theme instead.

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