Why Ants Invade Your Home And How To Stop Them

A simple way to deter ants is immediately cleaning up spills and crumbs. Also, storing food in containers that seal well and keeping items like pet food in the refrigerator can help prevent ant invasions.

In addition, if you have a water leak, fix it quickly, as ants are very attracted to moisture.

ants in your home

Ants Are Attracted To Food

Food is one of the biggest reasons ants invade homes. They are looking for a place to feed their colony mates. They prefer sweet things like candy, brown sugar, and fruit juice. They also eat proteins and carbohydrates such as cooked rice, pasta, and crackers.

Cleaning habits are essential to keeping ants out of the kitchen. Regularly wipe down counters and surfaces, especially if kids and pets are around. Always clean up spills right away, particularly sugary ones. Also, store food in sealed containers.

Standing water is another attraction for ants. Check your piping for leaks and ensure your drain traps are adequately sealed. In addition, you should empty indoor trash cans daily and keep outdoor garbage cans as far from the house as possible. If you have trouble controlling an ant infestation, consider hiring a professional. With the help of a professional in Termite and Ant Control in Newport Kentucky, you can locate the parent ant colony, which will likely reappear after you destroy a satellite colony.

Ants Are Attracted To Water

During hot weather, ants and insects seek more water for themselves and their young. They can be attracted to various things, including a glass of water left in the open or a dirty bowl full of puddles.

To prevent this:

  1. Make sure all the windows and doors are tightly closed.
  2. Ensure the gutters are clean and there is no standing water around the house.
  3. Fix leaking faucets and pipes.

A well-kept home is the best way to stop ant infestations. This includes regularly sweeping and vacuuming, wiping up food crumbs and spillages, taking out the garbage daily, and using plastic containers for food in the kitchen. Avoiding sugary foods and cleaning pet food bowls regularly is also a good idea. Some species of ants can bite and carry bacteria that can cause human infections. However, most ant bites are not dangerous except fire ants, which can deliver a painful sting.

Ants Are Attracted To Shelter

Aside from the obvious things that attract ants, like sugary food crumbs and other spilled substances, ants also seek shelter from the summer heat. This is why ant infestations tend to be more prevalent during summertime. Keep your house free of debris that can serve as ant nests, such as rotting wood or old, open boxes. Also, regularly wipe down counters, tables, and other surfaces to prevent attracting ants.

Finally, ants need water just as much as we do. Because of this, they’re attracted to a readily available water source, such as pools of water inside and outside the home or dripping water from plumbing leaks. In addition, ants are attracted to high humidity, so use a dehumidifier to reduce indoor moisture levels. To further limit ant invasions, keep all delightful foods sealed in airtight containers and clean spills immediately. You should frequently empty and clean garbage cans and mop up standing water in the kitchen or bathroom as soon as you see it.

Ants Are Attracted To Themselves

The simplest way to stop ants from invading your home is by understanding what attracts them in the first place. Whether it’s a sticky drip of honey, a stray spoon in the sink, or a pile of food crumbs, ants are drawn to whatever they can find to feed their colonies.

To keep ants away:

  1. Wipe up spills immediately and store food properly.
  2. Throw away rotten or overripe fruits and vegetables and clean up countertops and other surfaces where foods are prepared.
  3. Ensure all doors and windows are tightly sealed, and any cracks or gaps are repaired.
  4. Examine potted plants and yard toys before bringing them inside, and regularly sweep and vacuum floors in areas where food is eaten to remove stray crumbs.

Ants are also attracted to water, so it’s essential to check for leaky pipes and other sources of moisture in the home. You can also use natural deterrents such as salt, baby powder, chalk, vinegar, bay leaves, or peppermint oil along entryways to repel ants.

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