Why Should You Consider Staying In An Inn?

The difference between a traditional hotel and an inn can make a huge difference in your decision when choosing a place to stay. While many hotels are geared towards long-term guests, an inn is small and intimate, and most guests will be waiting for just one night or less. However, there are differences in the amenities and target audiences of each type of inn. Below is a guide to help you decide which is right for you.

Consider Staying In An Inn

Less Expensive 

Inns are small lodging establishments that offer limited food and beverage options, and Ms. Maggies South Country Inn is generally much cheaper than hotels. They are usually located along major highways. Unlike hotels, inns do not have separate restaurants, instead offering a small section of limited cuisine. They do not have room service and are not as fancy as larger hotel chains. However, many inns offer free breakfast and parking. In addition, many inns do not have star ratings, making them an economical alternative.

Although inns are less expensive than hotels, they do not offer all of the basic services that hotels do. For example, some inns offer complimentary breakfast, but most do not. They also do not have swimming pools and may not provide many amenities. Hotels are also more convenient for longer stays and usually offer more amenities. Inns can also be more convenient for those who need temporary accommodations and do not need luxury accommodationsβ€”the prices of both types of accommodations depend on the area and amenities.


Inns are small, family-owned accommodations typically not large enough to provide long-term service. Guests typically stay for one night to a week. While they share the same basic amenities, inns can vary greatly in size, style, and amenities. For instance, some are known for their vineyards, while others specialize in wedding services. Smaller inns may also offer more personalized service.

More Intimate

Inns are small, traditional accommodations that offer food and lodging in a rural setting. The name is often misleading, as they are not hotels. Most inns serve a limited number of guests and do not provide high-end amenities. However, many inns offer excellent food and accommodations, making them a great choice for travelers looking to experience local culture.

Free Internet

Providing free high-speed Internet for guests in your inn can boost business and improve customer satisfaction. These days, it seems that everyone wants to connect to the web, and if the accommodation can provide it, customers are more likely to stay at the inn again. WiFi access points are important because they provide fast, dependable, and consistent hotel WiFi to your team and guests. You can increase brand loyalty by providing excellent WiFi to your guests..

Complimentary Travel-Size Toiletries

Travel-sized toiletries such as body soap, shampoo, and conditioner are available at all hotel levels. Because of airline carry-on restrictions, many guests use these amenities, including quality products in your rooms can make a big difference. Extra points are awarded for premium brands, natural products, or uncommon items such as a facemask or eye makeup remover.

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