You’re Pulling My Leg: A Fun New Twist On Family Game Night

I’ve mentioned a few time that our family loves to host a good family game night. We like to theme it up and have foods and snacks that correspond to the game we chose for that night. Other times, popcorn or a bowl of candy is the way to go to keep it simple. One thing that remains the same is the entire family is there, around the table, playing together. I have a new game that puts a little twist on family game night called You’re Pulling My Leg. There is also a junior version!

What’s the twist, you ask?

It’s a book! That’s right. You’re Pulling My Leg and You’re Pulling My Leg Junior are books versus your typical card or board game. That means, you can even play it virtually, with friends and family that live far away OR as a way to add some fun to social distancing. Self-isolation can’t stop the fun!

You're Pulling My Leg

This game was created by award-winning game creator Allen Wolf, lets you test your bluffing skills with completely new questions that range from thought-provoking to zany.

Author And Game Designer Allen Wolf

During the game, players choose a question from the cards within the book. The secret flip of the coin tells them if their answer should be true or made up. When players hear a story, they vote points on if they think a player is telling the truth or pulling their leg. Players win points if you’re right but lose them if you’re wrong.

Players try to bluff others and try not to let other players fool them. The first player to 21 points wins.You’ll be surprised how much you learn about other players in a short amount of time – true or otherwise.

This game is really fun to play, virtually or in person. I love that you can social distance and still enjoy a good game night. Or, play with family or friends that lives in another state and still enjoy time together!

Purchase the original version here or the Junior version here.

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Youre Pulling My Leg Virtual Book Tour Party

Don’t miss the Virtual Book Tour Launch Party TODAY the 19th at 4 PM PST/7 PM EST, where everyone can go live with Allen (the game creator) and play the game and a chance to win the book!

Tell us what you think! Would you enjoy playing a game virtually? Do you think this is a great way to stay close to family and friends when you can’t be physically together? What are some other ways you stay in touch and keep things fun?

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