$1 Flat Rate Shipping At Dollar Tree This Week Only!

Oh my gosh, y’all, I LOOOOOOVE the Dollar Tree! So much so that I became an affiliate for the site so any purchases you make, through our links, will earn us a small commission with no extra costs passed on to you. And right now, they have $1 Flat Rate Shipping! This deal happens a few times throughout the year, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for future dates!

I am no longer promoting this company. All links have been removed.

I love the Dollar Tree because they have a HUGE variety of things I may need for my home. In the past I’ve bought kitchen towels, Holiday decor, party decor, glasses and flatware, food, candy, coloring books, stocking stuffers and tons of plastic bins for organizing.

I’ve purchased so many Christmas and Halloween decoration I’ve lost count. Oh, and not to mention, helium balloons for birthdays! Dollar Tree is, by far, one of my favorite stores around!

This week, only, brings you a very special $1 Flat Rate Shipping option when you purchase at Dollar Tree online. That is an awesome shipping deal.

I hope you get the chance to take advantage of this great shipping offer and can stock up on tons of goodies!

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