Ground Swell Group: Help Feed More Local Families And Share Holiday Meals!

Every year, Clay and I try to give as much as we can to others who may be in need. We don’t usually have much to give, but we try to do what we can. We recently teamed up with Ground Swell Group and Wells Fargo to tell you about a wonderful charity program that allows  local families share Holiday meals. What that means is that when WE make a donation, Wells Fargo will match your donations up to $1 million through 12/31/18; 100% of donations will benefit your local Feeding America food bank.

Ground Swell Group

In fact, a $50 donation was made in our honor to a Lexington, Ky food-bank and matched by Wells Fargo. So that $50 contribution turned into $100. That’s a lot of food for a family. And your contributions will be matched just the same, but we have to hurry, because as I mentioned above, we only have until December 31, 2018!

1 in 8 people face hunger in America. Donate what you can because every dollar makes an impact, especially when it’s being matched! Wells Fargo is making it easier to give. 

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Help Feed More Local Families And Share Holiday Meals!

Wells Fargo has donated $4M to Feeding America and will match up to $1M additional donations through 12/31/18. Wells Fargo is collecting non-perishable food (see what’s acceptable here) at branches and food bank pop-ups and accepting donations at all ATMs

$1 = 10 meals

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Help us in spreading the word to help feed more local families and spread Holiday meals!

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