Flat Rate Shipping: Enjoy Dollar Tree $4.95 Flat Rate Shipping For One Week!

Dollar Tree $4.95 Flat Rate Shipping

I LOVE the Dollar Tree! I love it so much, in fact, that I joined as a blog affiliate. This allows me to bring to you the best deals they have right when they happen!

I am no longer promoting this company. All links have been removed.
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With that said, the latest offer they have is $4.95 shipping when you order online! So, if you’re looking for great stocking stuffers (mama needs new dish towels y’all!) or festive Holiday decorations, get them while this one week shipping offer is going on!


I have always found adorable Christmas and Holiday decor at Dollar Tree. I also shop there for stocking stuffers and items for our cling wrap ball game!

If you’ve never played that, you should! You buy a ton of $1 – $5 items. Small items like gum, socks, candy, dish towels, lottery tickets, money, etc. (Adults can use airplane bottles of liquor). You place a big ticket item in the center and then wrap cling wrap around it several times. Don’t just use one continuous roll, though. You need to add small pieces here and there to make it harder. Add another item, roll, another, roll, etc. until all the items are wrapped into a giant ball! The player on the left has to roll a pair of dice until they get doubles. While they are doing this, the player with the ball wears fabric oven mitts and tried to unwrap the cling wrap ball! Once the player with the dice hits doubles, your turn is over and you pass it to the left. It is hard, y’all, but incredibly fun! I’ll do a blog post this fall showing you exactly how to do it.

So, the Dollar Tree is the PERFECT place to purchase items for this game and, for a limited time, you can enjoy shipping at one rate and order everything online!

One entire week ofΒ $4.95 Shipping! Enjoy $4.95 Flat Rate Shipping fromΒ 11/26 through 12/1. Take advantage of this incredible offer today!

flat rate shipping

And remember,Β Everything Is Just $1 At DollarTree.com!

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