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Disclosure: We received a complimentary deluxe personalized Santa letter package from as a member of the US Family Guide. All opinions are our own and were formed through personal testing. Individual results may vary.

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My kids just love getting personal mail. When that mail comes from Santa and includes some fun goodies, it’s even better! My daughter received her personalized Santa letter from and she LOVED it! We ordered the deluxe page and it is fantastic!

Personalized Santa Letter

The Deluxe Package includes:

  • A personalized letter from Santa
  • A delightful and fun note from Rudolph
  • A beautifully decorated nice list certificate
  • Make-a-Santa’s Workshop sticker sheet

It arrived in a big, metallic, red envelope complete with labels from the North Pole. Inside were two letters, one from Santa and another little note from Rudolph. Both were personalized with our daughters name and the letter from Santa even mentioned some of the items she had requested this year. Β When you order your letter you can add those details so that it is completely personalized.

Personalized Santa Letter

Along with the letters is an official certificate stating that she is on the “Nice List”. This was the highlight of the package because it is something we can hang up for a little extra encouragement to continue to behave. It shows that her good behavior is being recognized. I love that! And so did she. She had the biggest smile on her face when I read to her what it said.

Personalized Santa Letter

There was also a set of stickers and a background postcard where she can create her own little winter scene. Along with that was another larger postcard that had some fun activities on it. And lastly, she received several removable Christmas themed tattoos.

Personalized Santa Letter

Overall, I’d say this is a really great personalized Santa letter package. You get quite a few things for the price of $21.70 INCLUDING a free call from Santa to your child. When we went through the checkout process, which was super easy, we were given one credit to have a call from Santa. All you do it choose your childs name from the list and then enter your phone number. They even give you the “calling from” number so you can enter it into your contacts list and show your child that Santa is calling him/her. I added a photo of Santa to my contact and made it even better!

Now, our children know that the Santa who delivers presents to good little boys and girls around the world isn’t “real”. Ok. We’ve never taught our kids to believe in Santa. They each know that their gifts come from me and their dad. We celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas and try to make it mostly about that. Christ = CHRISTmas, right? BUT they still love the idea of Santa and his reindeer. They know all the different stories of Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, Papa Noelle, etc. Β They still love the fun that these types of activities bring. We do the personalized letters and we put out reindeer food and milk and cookies on Christmas eve. Why? Because it adds a little whimsy and an extra layer of fun for the kids. It’s FUN! And they love it!

So, even if you don’t do the Santa thing, your kids can still enjoy a fun, personalized “letter from Santa”. It’s fun to get that in the mail!

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Have you ordered your personalized Santa letters this year?

Santa Will Write - Personalized Santa Letter

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