10 Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving During Quarantine

We’ve all been thrown a curveball this year, when it comes to Holidays and family gatherings. The Covid-19 pandemic requires social distancing to help keep the spread to a minimum. That’s hard to do when celebrating with family and friends so we’ve all been asked to limit social gathering and quarantine or self-isolate when possible, celebrating with our immediate family, instead. Honestly, that sounds wonderful to me, this year! I’m actually looking forward to the slow down so that I may actually get to enjoy the Holidays, as well, without all the exhaustion from hosting. I have a wonderful article, shared by Sara Skirboll, Shopping and Trends Expert at The Real Deal Blog, with 10 ways to celebrate Thanksgiving during quarantine.

10 Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving During Quarantine

Have a Virtual Dinner with Family and Friends

Traveling to visit family this year will be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate together! Share recipes ahead of time and host a virtual dinner over Zoom, Skype or Facebook Portal, so you can still spend time with the people you care about most while indulging in a special, home-cooked meal.

Spice up your virtual Thanksgiving dinner by playing a game, toasting with a signature (or any) cocktail and sharing what you’re most thankful for this year.

Throw a Thanksgiving Picnic or Backyard Bash

Okay, so if you live in one of the Northern U.S. states, this might be a harder sell, but if the weather is good to us this Thanksgiving, why not celebrate outside? The CDC has said that being outdoors reduces the risk of exposure to COVID-19, and plus, fall foliage makes a wonderful backdrop to your Thanksgiving celebration.

Move what might have been an evening Thanksgiving dinner to brunch or lunch, and you’ll get more hours of natural light (and more time to celebrate, of course).

If you have yard or deck space, host a small gathering outside with tables, chairs, blankets, warm drinks (use that slow cooker or Instant Pot!) and maybe even an outdoor heater or fire pit. If you’re having a larger gathering, instead of one big table, break up seating into smaller parties based on households to make mealtime safer. A local park or special outdoor spot also makes a great setting!

Single Servings

Many of our Thanksgiving meals revolve around buffet-style servings that everyone digs into. But more hands on serving ware means more germs. (PSA: Remember to frequently wash your hands!) Instead, pick a designated person or “head chef” to serve up turkey and sides onto individual plates instead of everyone passing around that green bean casserole.

Have a Taste of Home

Can’t make it home for Thanksgiving? Order a piece of home instead. Many iconic restaurants from across the country ship nationwide, offering you a slice of nostalgia or a taste of your favorite meal even if you can’t travel this year. Some of our favorites? Junior’s Cheesecake in New York, Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana and Blue Owl Bakery in Missouri. Dig in!

Set Up Outdoor Entertainment

If watching the game is part of your Thanksgiving tradition, set up a projector outside to screen football or a favorite family movie.

For those looking for other activities, setting up a competition or tournament outside with games like bocce ball, croquet, badminton or corn hole (personalize your family name!) can be a fun way to safely get together while social distancing.

Decorate Your House in Festive Flair

If the gathering just isn’t happening this year, you can still get festive by decorating your house to the max with gourdous fall accents. From fall foliage garlands, dried flowers and colorful maize to knit and plaid home decor, there are a plethora of ways to bring Thanksgiving to life inside your home.

Order Thanksgiving To Go

Many local restaurants and chains have started offering family-size meals to-go, and Thanksgiving is no exception! You’ll be supporting your local restaurants and community while saving time and the stress of preparing a traditional turkey meal at home. Check back soon for a list of restaurants serving Thanksgiving meals!

Get Creative With Family-Friendly Crafts and Activities

It’s tough being stuck inside, especially with young kids and everyone being under the same roof more often than usual. But there are plenty of ways for the whole family to stay entertained and happy over the holidays. While the adults are preparing the meal, keep the kiddos entertained with crafts, like a paper bag turkey, DIY handprint turkey hat or Thanksgiving wreath. Or create your own Thanksgiving-themed advent calendar with leaves or construction paper where each family member expresses what they’re grateful for leading up to the big day.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Delivery

For families or individuals celebrating Thanksgiving with only those in their households or alone, a great way to show thanks this year is by preparing your favorite recipes for family and neighbors—especially those at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19—and delivering them in a contact-free way. So even if you can’t spend Thanksgiving with the grandparents, they’ll still be able to indulge in your famous pumpkin pie.

What are your plans for celebrating Thanksgiving during quarantine? Will you host your usual gathering or are you opting to stay in, like us, and just have a festive time with your at-home family members? We’re actually doing a Cajun Boil served with homemade stuffing, baked mac and cheese, pumpkin pie and Cranberry Apple Bake (recipe soon). Oh and the kids requested orange punch. Some of the food will be on-plan THM, for me and I may eat a bite or two of the rest. Either way, it will be wonderful, relaxing and filled with Thanks!

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