13 Essential Checkpoints To Prepare Your Child For College

Acing college preparation can be an overwhelming task for parents of teenagers. From selecting an ideal school and filling out applications to ensure academic readiness, there’s an endless list of items you must check off before sending your kid off to university. To help simplify things we have provided 13 essential checkpoints which will ensure a seamless transition into their post-secondary education experience – these steps ensure your kid will be ready to succeed at university!

Explore Potential Schools/colleges

Before narrowing your list of colleges, it is crucial to conduct extensive preliminary research. Both you and your child should explore various universities or trade programs to ensure they fit their interests, goals, and academic needs – don’t forget about tuition and fees!

Prepare an Application Timeline.

Once your child has identified which colleges they wish to apply to, the next step should be getting organized! Create a timeline detailing all admission deadlines; this will keep them on track and ensure no crucial steps in the college application process are overlooked. Be sure to leave time for reviewing and revising prior to submitting their applications.

Start By Taking Practice Tests

In order to be competitive when applying to college admissions, many schools require students to take either the SAT or ACT exams. Practice exams can help your child become familiar with both exams and increase their chance of passing them successfully. Furthermore, consider having your child enroll in advanced placement (AP) classes in high school in order to demonstrate their academic talents.

Visit Potential Schools

Whenever possible, try visiting each college or university on your list in order to get an understanding of its campus life and atmosphere – an invaluable component in helping your child select a school that best fits them. Don’t forget to look over course offerings, faculty expertise and student services when there.

Explore Financial Strategies Before Developing Financial Plans

Consider tuition costs, book expenses, living arrangements and any other associated college costs when creating a financial plan for yourself and your family. Explore scholarship applications, grants and loans as potential funding methods so they are ready when the time comes! Furthermore, ensure you fully comprehend any terms of financial aid or loans they might opt for before proceeding with their studies.

Prepare Now for Entrance Exams

Your child may need to take entrance exams such as the GRE or GMAT when enrolling at certain schools, so prepare ahead by studying early and studying hard so they’re fully ready come test day.

Join Extracurricular Activities Today

Colleges look for students that demonstrate more than academic accomplishment; extracurricular involvement is a great way to demonstrate your child’s well-roundedness and leadership qualities. Be sure to take advantage of every opportunity presented!

Request Teacher Recommendation Letters

Many college applications require recommendation letters from teachers or mentors, so ask them early so they can write an outstanding letter of support before the deadline for your school application.

Request Transcripts

It is essential to request official transcripts from your child’s current school and be sure they submit them when applying to colleges.

Think Big: Begin Planning Now

Start talking with your child now about which academic path they would like to pursue at college; this will enable you to narrow down their list of prospective schools even more, and ensure they meet their career objectives. As part of your child’s major selection process, consider taking them on a tour of local career centers and universities offering programs in their chosen field. This will give them an idea of what awaits them once they enter their chosen program.

Transportation/Living Arrangements

Families should jointly decide whether their child will live at home or on campus and the appropriate transportation arrangements must be made for them. If living on campus is necessary, make sure there is a plan in place for getting belongings there and helping your student settle into school life smoothly and safely. Consider options like used cars which offer affordable, reliable and safe transport solutions.

Submit the Application

Once all the paperwork has been filed and your child is ready to apply, be sure they double check each form before submitting their application by the due date.

Clothes, Food, and other Necessities

Once they’ve been accepted to college, it’s time to stock up on essentials for their first semester. Make sure they have clothing suitable for school as well as food and other supplies they will need once on campus.

After you’ve successfully navigated through the college application process, take a moment to enjoy all your hard work! Your child has achieved another step toward their college dreams; now is time for them to look forward to this new journey ahead.

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