3 Essential Horse Supplies Every Owner Needs

Whether you are a seasoned horse owner or you are just starting the process of buying your own horse, you likely know that acquiring the horse is just the beginning. Here is a list of three essential horse supplies that every horse owner needs in their stable.

3 Essential Horse Supplies Every Owner Needs

Grooming Tools 

One of the first horse supplies you should purchase is a good set of grooming tools. This set of tools should have basic items like brushes— body brushes, a curry comb, and dandy brushes, for starters—but should also include items such as baby wipes and sweat scrapers so you can get your horse’s coat clean in a pinch. Don’t forget about the hooves either. A good hoof pick can keep your pal’s hooves from getting damaged by any rocks or debris that get stuck. 

Wound Care

Nobody wants the worst to happen, but it is always better to be proactive than reactive. It is important to have wound care items, such as wound (styptic) powder and a well-outfitted first aid kit accessible at all times. Make sure that your kit includes items to bandage any injuries that occur and also items to clean and sterilize wounds. If your horse is prone to certain injuries, stock up on the necessary medications if possible. Also consider having a smaller to-go first aid kit to take with you, particularly if you and your horse go on longer rides that take you far away from home.

Treats and Toys

A bored horse can sometimes become a destructive horse, particularly if they are stuck alone in a stall. Ensure that your horse has interesting goodies to entertain them while alone. A salt lick is an inexpensive and easy way to keep them occupied. Simply attach it to a wall (or really any surface in the stall that allows them to keep their neck from getting sore) and they will get great enjoyment from it for hours. Apples and carrots are also good healthy snack choices. Invest in a toy that dispenses treats when the horse moves it around to keep them occupied and focused on the goal of getting as many delicious treats as possible.

There are, quite obviously, many other horse supplies and items that are needed to keep your horse healthy and happy. However, start with these items the moment you bring your horse home and you’ll be able to enjoy lots of happy times with your new friend.

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