Reasons Why German Shepherds Make Great Family Dogs

For those that have seen German Shepherds only in police and guard dog roles, it might be hard to imagine them as a family dog. However, people that own them know the opposite is true: German Shepherds are wonderful dogs that will love you and your family. Here are four additional reasons German Shepherd dogs would be such a valuable member of your pack.

Reasons Why German Shepherds Make Great Family Dogs

They’ll Protect Your Children

When you bring a pink papered German Shepherd into your life, your kids will have a best friend for years to come. A pup that is brought up in a loving home will be a faithful and affectionate companion. This breed is very protective of their family and will defend your children as their own. German Shepherds are so intelligent that they’re immediately able to distinguish family and friends they’ve met from someone that is a potential threat.

They’re Easy To Train

Due to their superior intelligence, German Shepherds are very easy to train. Since they’re the third smartest dog in the world, they’re likely to understand a new command in under five tries. Your dog will easily learn all the tricks you want to show him and since shepherds like having “jobs”, you can invent new stunts for him to try. German Shepherd puppies are also among the easiest to housetrain.

They Are Extremely Loyal

German Shepherds are one of the most loyal breeds you can own. Of course, any dog’s behavior hinges on how they are raised. A dog that is brought up in a good environment will never let you down. Making a happy home for your dog is the responsibility of everyone in the home. In turn, your German Shepherd will go to extremes to please and protect you. 

They’re Good With Other Pets

What happens when you adopt a German Shepherd and you have other pets? Every dog has its own personality, but the ever-adaptable German Shepherd meshes very well with other pets. Of course, proper training from the start is needed to achieve harmony among household pets. German Shepherd owners all over the world successfully own several pets.

They’re Great Companions

If you’re looking for the right breed of dog to become part of your family, a German Shepherd is an excellent choice. Poised and ready to protect, shepherds make great companions and will integrate very quickly into family life. You’d be hard-pressed to find a dog more devoted than a German Shepherd.

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