3 Unique Winter Holiday Date Ideas

It may seem like interesting date ideas are few and far between during the winter, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are actually many fun, creative, winter-appropriate things you can do and see on dates. Here are three unique winter Holiday date ideas.

holiday lights: winter holiday date ideas

1. Visit Holidays Lights

Whether you choose to visit a professional display of holiday lights in Baltimore or simply go for a walk around your local community to view your neighbors’ lights, holiday lights are a winter highlight. Viewing your local lights is an excellent free outdoor date option with a large amount of freedom. You can walk or drive and stay out as long as you like. Professional displays are more elaborate, with performances, music, bonfires and tree-lighting ceremonies. 

indoor mini golf: winter holiday date ideas

2. Try Indoor Mini Golf

Mini golf is traditionally a summertime activity, but you can also play it during the winter at indoor courses. Indoor mini golf courses are climate-controlled, so you can play comfortably even on the coldest days. Many of them also include refreshment areas, so you can also buy dinner, drinks or snacks to enjoy before, during or after your game.

game night: winter holiday date ideas

3. Have a Game Night

You don’t need to leave your house or go outside to have a fun winter date. There are many activities you and your partner can do at home instead, such as planning a game night. You can play two-person games or include more people such as other couples. You might play board games, card games, video games and more.

Winter is a romantic time of year, with many options for indoor and outdoor dates. You can stay home or go out, choose an expensive restaurant or make dinner with your partner at home. Look for winter activities you and your partner will enjoy in and around your community.

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