4 Majors That Will Get You A Promising Career In Nigeria

If you are a student living in Nigeria and you are confused about which career path to choose, we are here to help you out. When it comes to having a lucrative and successful career, selecting the right major or degree is the key. Most students do not do proper research about which degrees have high or low employment opportunities. As a result, they take up any major solely based on their interest, and it often results in unemployment.

There is no doubt that it’s important to choose a major that you are passionate about, but you should also keep in mind the job market situation in your country. It’s also important that you carefully choose a major that will open doors to various employment opportunities for you in the country, and you will be able to live a happy and wealthy life.

In this article, we point out four majors that offer a promising career in Nigeria.

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Information Technology:

Technology is advancing rapidly all over the world. There is no doubt that getting a degree in the field of tech is indeed the safest option in current times. The use of technology is becoming more and more widespread, and anyone can leverage technology in any sector. From individuals to small businesses to government institutions, everyone uses and benefits from technology. That’s why there is a constant rise in demand for IT professionals in Nigeria right now. By obtaining a degree in IT, you will develop skills like managing, developing, and securing networks and computer systems, coding, creating websites or applications, etc.

The best part about selecting IT as a major is that you can also land any one of the online jobs in Nigeria that pay well in this field due to the skills and knowledge you will develop. The tech field is not bound to in-house jobs. In this era, tech companies are hiring tech experts from all over the world with online or remote work opportunities. By becoming an IT expert, you can get an online job as a web developer, cyber security expert, software developer, etc. 

Medicine, Surgery, and Pharmacy:

There is no doubt that the world will always need expert healthcare professionals. The COVID-19 pandemic made it quite clear how important healthcare professionals are. They are the heroes who save the people and even the economy. That’s why a degree in the medical or healthcare field will give you plenty of job opportunities in Nigeria. You must know that getting a degree related to healthcare requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and passion. Medical degrees also take a little bit more time to complete than other degrees. But the growth prospects in this field make it all worth it in the end.

The field of healthcare is so vast. There are various majors that you can opt for. Studying medicine, surgery, pharmacy, nursing, physiotherapy, etc., will all allow you to work in this field. By opting for any of these degrees, you will be able to earn a handsome salary in Nigeria. For example, pharmacist technicians earn NGN 40,943 per month, and nurses earn NGN 180,000. 


Engineers are the backbone of any successful economy. From developing infrastructure to developing new software solutions, engineers in every field are an absolute necessity for a country to succeed. That’s why engineering majors are in high demand in Nigeria. Just like medical, in engineering, there are tons of major or degree options to choose from. And they all lead to a promising career. Electrical, software, mechanical, and petroleum engineering are some of the few options to ensure a successful career in Nigeria. For instance, as Nigeria is an oil-rich country, it needs more expert petroleum engineers to work for high-paying oil corporations. The top skills of petroleum engineers, among many other skills, include finding advanced ways of oil mining and petroleum product production. That’s why there are high-paying jobs available for petroleum engineers in Nigeria.

Another promising engineering career is electrical engineering. In Nigeria, electrical and electronics engineering is also referred to as “elect-elect” course. As an electrical engineering student, you will learn about the application of electronics, electricity, and electromagnetic in real-world situations. Thus, being an electrical engineer, you will find a job in any sector or industry that requires electricity. And every industry requires electricity. So whether it’s

manufacturing, IT businesses, aerospace, or the telecommunication industry, you will surely get a good job there. The monthly average salary of electrical engineers in Nigeria is NGN 113,955, and that of petroleum engineers is NGN 485,333.


The curriculum of accounting majors in Nigeria is very well designed. It equips you with tons of skills and increased knowledge that your future employer will highly appreciate. Being an accounting student, you will not only learn about accounting and finances, but you will also study business administration, economics, business law, mathematics, corporate management, etc. Thus, your skills will go beyond just making annual financial statements. That’s why an accounting major will help you land a high-paying job in Nigeria. Look at any business, corporation, institute, or company, and you will see one thing they all have in common: the accounting and finance department. Every company needs accounting experts who can perform cost and performance accounting analysis to help them put their finances on the right track.

As an accountant, you will help a company by preparing quarterly reports or balance sheets, preparing annual financial statements, and analyzing and suggesting ways to enhance the economic success of the company. The best part is the course plans of accounting courses come anchored with internship opportunities in most universities. This means you will get to intern at a big company in an accounting role right after your graduation. This way, you will get hands-on job experience and networking opportunities. The average monthly salary of accountants in Nigeria is NGN 108,015.


Education is the key to success. The major you choose determines your career path. That is why it’s important to go for a major that offers a promising career. As the economic and academic situation differs in each country, so do the promising career paths. This article highlights four majors that will prove to be promising in Nigeria, so if that’s your goal, read thoroughly!

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