4 Things You Can Do In Lake County IL

Nestled along Lake Michigan, Lake County, IL has plenty of exciting activities to enjoy with your family. It sits between the bustle of Chicago and the border of Wisconsin, giving it a unique location close to the city, but far enough away to enjoy nature. Here are four options to help you start creating your bucket list.

4 Things You Can Do In Lake County IL

1. Horseback Riding

To experience the fun of connecting with a horse, set up a horseback riding Lake County IL lesson or two. Learning to ride a horse can build your confidence and restore a sense of adventure in your heart. Some horses are trained in trail riding which can get you out in nature on your favorite equine.

2. Six Flags

Thrill-seekers unite at Six Flags Great America. Ride on some fantastic coasters, like Goliath, Joker and Maxx Force. This park contains 17 rollercoasters and 30 other rides to keep you excited all day long. If your stomach can handle it, enjoy a funnel cake or ice cream cone as you meander to the next ride.

3. Illinois Beach State Park

This state park boasts six and a half miles of sandy shoreline along Lake Michigan. Appreciate the beauty of nature when you picnic, boat, hike, swim or fish with your family. Camping sites are also available to create a weekend adventure on the coast.

4. Watch the Lipizzans

For a unique family experience, you can purchase tickets to see how the graceful Lippizan horses are trained at Tempel Farms. The ballet-like, dressage movements these white stallions are trained in are unlike any other type of horse movement you’ve seen. Your family will stare in wonder watching these gorgeous horses perform.

This list is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to available activities in Lake County. Keep exploring to find the best activities to suit your family so you can keep making memories together.

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