The Best Things To Do On A Winter Staycation

This year has one of the more challenging in recent memory. With international travel and the summer a distant memory there’s never been a better time to explore your local getaway spots. Here are 5 things you can do on a winter staycation

The Best Things To Do On A Winter Staycation

1. Have An Adventure

There are all sorts of outdoor adventures that you and the family can embark on this winter. From spooky ghost tours to thrill-seeking adventures like zip lining there is something to please everyone.

For those who enjoy a more active vacation then the huge array of skiing and snowboarding vacation spots in America will be perfect for you.

You could also consider a family cycling or walking holiday. For something a bit more unusual there are also Segwaying tours out there!

2. Visit A Winter Wonderland

Winter is the season of Christmas so why not make your staycation center around that? This will be great fun for all the family, particularly the little ones.

Have a look around for a local winter wonderland or go further afield for a magical Christmas surrounded by snow and festive cheer. Many winter wonderlands include accommodation in beautiful cozy cottages or cabins.

Enjoy gorgeous winter walks and then enjoy the feeling of coming home to a snug cabin with a fire crackling away in the fireplace.

3. Go Out Into Nature

America is home to some of the most beautiful natural landmarks in the world. This winter is a perfect time to get exploring and see some of the best sights this country has to offer. You could go to a beautiful secluded cabin in the woods this winter and explore the areas surrounding or visit places that boast some of the most beautiful natural scenery.

Chattanooga attractions like the beautiful Ruby Falls are perfect for offering some of the most stunning views with their cave tours. This is also a perfect Christmas trip as the holiday lights complement the views of the city lights creating a truly magical experience.

4. Go Fishing

Fishing can be enjoyed at any time of the year. There’s nothing more relaxing than getting into a boat and heading out onto the water, fishing pole in hand.

This is a fun one for all ages and can be a really rewarding family experience. You can teach the kids how to fish, and at the end of it have a feast to get back to!

5. Host A Vacation In Your Own Home

If the thought of venturing out into the world is a bit too much for you this winter then why not bring the joy and fun of a vacation to your own home? Set a few days for your home vacation and make sure you have all you need beforehand just as you would for a normal vacation. Clear your calendars and make a plan with fun activities for each day. You can go out to visit local landmarks or have activities like scavenger hunts and game tournaments from the comfort of your own home.

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