Rocky Mountain Oils 12 Days Of Christmas – Day 1

Y’all KNOW how much I love my oils, right? Right. I LOVE THEM! Essential oils have become a huge part in the Martin family’s lives. We use them for pain relief, relaxation, indigestion,… you name it. Although, I don’t take them internally. That is my personal preference. If you do, well, you do you, boo. M’k? Anyway, one of my favorite essential oil companies is Rocky Mountain Oils. They have good, quality oils. And, TODAY, Dec. 7, they will kick off their Rocky Mountain Oils 12 Days Of Christmas!

I am an affiliate and earn a small commission when you shop via my link. I only promote products and services I personally use and love. So, with that said, I will be displaying each days current deal in our sidebar of our blog. There will be a new banner with a buy now link and the details of the deal.

I debated sending a new email each day, but I’m not sure how many of you use essential oils, and I don’t want to bombard you with messages during the Holiday season, if you’re not even interested.

I WILL be tweeting and Instagramming each new deal, though, so follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram if you’re interested in getting a reminder.

Rocky Mountain Oils 12 Days Of Christmas Day 1:

Rocky Mountain Oils 12 Days Of Christmas

Day 1 – 12/7/2020 –  Spend $75 get a FREE Migraine Support Roll-On

This roll-on comes pre-diluted for immediate use. No need to add a carrier oil as it’s already added. Use it around your hair line and behind your ears for headache relief.

Here is a sneak peek of the next 11 days so you can plan accordingly:

  • Day 1 – 12/7/2020 –  Spend $75 get a FREE Migraine Support Roll-On
  • Day 2 – 12/8/2020 –  15% OFF blends
  • Day 3 –  12/9/2020 –  20% OFF Tohi Toothpaste
  • Day 4 –  12/10/2020 –  Spend $100 get a FREE Personal Diffuser
  • Day 5 –  12/11/2020 –  15% OFF singles
  • Day 6 –  12/12/2020 –  BOGO Hand Soap
  • Day 7 –  12/13/2020 –  35% OFF Tohi Skin + Body Care
  • Day 8 –  12/14/2020 –  20% OFF Roll-Ons
  • Day 9 –  12/15/2020 –  Spend $50 get a FREE 5ml Lavender
  • Day 10 –  12/16/2020 –  20% OFF Holiday Kits
  • Day 11 –  12/17/2020 –  BOGO Peppermint 15ml
  • Day 12 – 12/18/2020 –  Spend $99 get $20 OFF your Order

Which deal are you most looking forward to?

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