5 Awesome Tips To Start Learning Microblading

If you are one of many people who’ve seen all the advantages of starting a microblading business, you are probably ready to find out some useful tips on how to master this skill and make a lucrative career.

The microblading business is really popular and there are a lot of new artists nowadays. That’s why it can get hard to stand out. Here are some tips on how to become a professional and successful microblading artist.

You’ll Need a Strong Base

No matter if you already know something about microblading or you are a complete beginner, you’ll need good, thorough microblading training that will help you build a strong base. Additional learning and picking up tips and tricks on your way will help you stand out and improve your work, but quality microblading training is a must.

It is a requirement to earn your certification and to understand this skill.

How to Find a Good Microblading Training?

You can choose between a live and online course. Live courses usually consist of an in-person part of the training where you get the chance to work on live models (not all courses offer this option). Then you continue studying online until you get certified.

But if there are no reputable live courses in your area, a microblading course online is also an option. Some online courses are so good and detailed that they are better than most live courses. They are usually divided into levels and each level covers all the theories behind microblading. Then you get to learn how to create delicate microblading strokes. You also get certified once you complete an online microblading course.

What’s the Next Step?

Even when you get certified, that doesn’t mean you are 100% ready to work on real skin and take clients. To gain confidence, you must learn more and spend hours practicing.

New artists usually practice on latex, but some also do it on pig skin, which is, as they say, similar to people’s skin. Also, practicing pressure on a ballon is also a trick many artists use. Fruit can also help. Practicing microblading on a banana or orange skin is something most established artists advise, to improve your skin.

Join a Microblading Community

While you are learning, it’s useful to connect with other microblading artists who are ready to share their tips and tricks and give you constructive criticism on your work. Facebook groups can help a lot as well as following other artists on Instagram.

So, practice a lot, learn something new every day and once you get confident enough, you can start taking models for building your portfolio, and then your first clients.

What Do I Need To Open My Own Microblading Studio?

Once you get certified and feel ready to start working, you’ll need a microblading license, usually issued by a state or local Health Department.

You’ll also need to make some investments if you want to set up your own salon. Some beginners rather choose to rent a chair in an already established studio because it costs less and they can find clients easier there.

But if you want your own place, you’ll need to buy everything you need for a microblading salon: chair/bed, ring light, microblading tools and pigments, and all the other things that are required.

Promoting Your Business

Once you start your business, you’ll need to promote it and make sure people find out about your services.

You can invest in Google or Facebook ads, but if you live in a small town, a referral program and personal recommendations will do much more.

For instance, you can give a discount on the touch-up for someone who recommends you to a friend. Also, you can collab with similar salons and offer a discount if clients bring a flyer which you can leave at a hairdresser’s.

You can also check for local Instagram influencers and offer your microblading service and ask for an online promotion in return.


Starting a microblading business is a great idea, but it requires a lot of hard work and promotion to stand out from the competition, especially if your area is saturated with microblading artists. So, make sure it’s something that you really want and invest in quality training that will help you master the technique and learn tricks to start your own business successfully.

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